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Clothes To Buy Wholesale for Labor Day Festivities

August is drawing to a close, and Labor Day is right around the corner. As we look at the styles that inspire during this time frame, we turn to a mix of classic American fashions and items that are appropriate for Labor Day festivities and summer’s last hurrah. These are great pieces to help your store make the transition from summer to fall, and will be great fresh styles to

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Desert Days: Wholesale Boho Clothing

In the high heat of summer, we look for the beauty and inspiration in the dusty desert, a destination found on summer road trips and exploration away from the city. From subdued hues to boho chic silhouettes, shop apparel and accessories for desert days at LA Showroom. We have plenty of wholesale boho clothing to help you get the look. Looking out at the horizon at the end of a

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The Best Wholesale Athletic Apparel

From swimming to hiking to biking and even beach volleyball or yoga in the park, summer is a great time for those with active lifestyles to get outside and focus on their fitness. LA Showroom can help you focus on the fashions for fitness enthusiasts. We have the best wholesale athletic apparel to satisfy the interest in a variety of sports and hobbies. When it comes to purchasing wholesale athletic

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Enticing Brick-And-Mortar Customers With Food Offerings

With consumers placing preference on digital channels for ease and convenience, retailers are looking for ways to entice brick-and-mortar customers to visit more often. One trend fairly fully implemented in Europe that is starting to catch on in the United States is food offerings and culinary experiences within department stores. For example, Galeries Lafayette, one of Paris’ oldest and largest department stores, hosts two floors of gourmet food offerings. This

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Mobile Shopping Statistics: What You Need To Know

Today, we break from the product focused nature of our posts to bring you important consumer insight related to mobile shopping statistics. What are the current trends when it comes to shopping on smartphones, and where is the innovation headed next? Discover the answers in this special Buyer’s Lounge report. Desktop vs. Mobile Shopping Statistics If you are not aware already, we are at the point now where more E-commerce

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Arts and Fleas Market Los Angeles

LOCAL BUZZ: Join us in our ongoing Local Buzz feature, where each week we bring you the story on an exciting business or event neighboring us here in the ever-inspiring Los Angeles Fashion District. Today’s story is the Arts and Fleas Market Los Angeles, an artist, designer and vintage market that will be set up in the LA Arts District this weekend.  Back in December of 2003, Arts & Fleas

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Wholesale Activewear: Shape Up With Athleisure Clothing

How many of your customers have vowed to get in shape or hit the gym as their New Year’s Resolution? We are willing to wager a large percentage of them. For 2014, the top resolution was to lose weight, with staying fit and healthy coming in at number five. With the fitness industry booming and on the up-and-up, and the athleisure movement continuing, it is shaping up to be a great

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