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Compete for Sales in the Back to School Fashion Season

The back to school fashion period is upon us! For retailers, that means gearing up for an opportunity to increase sales for the upcoming Fall season. Luckily, stores have the nearing Labor Day holiday (September 5) to push new back to school sales in motion. According to data obtained from Bizrate Insights, it shows that more than half of consumers will kick off their back-to-school shopping between early to mid-August. LA

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Prepare For Boxing Day Shoppers

As December swiftly moves along, you should be prepared and successful in terms of your retail planning and inventory levels. With LA Showroom guiding you every step of the way with all the hottest fashions for winter, holiday events and New Year’s Eve, we are hoping to have helped make things less stressful than they need to be. However, with the holiday season encompassing so much of the current focus,

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Wholesale Boots May Be More Important Than You Know

If your store sells shoes as part of your merchandise selection, the chances are that you have looked into wholesale boots. However, new information about the footwear market is coming to light that may cause wholesale boots to be more important than you know. Let’s take a look at the nature of the industry, and what this means for your retail buying. According to new information from trend forecasting agency

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Gifts From Our Wholesale Kids Clothing Suppliers

How is the holiday season treating you so far? Here at the Buyer’s Lounge at LA Showroom, we have tried to make it easy for you. We have provided gift guides for men, gift guides for women, and even a little gift for our retail buyers with the Buyer Rewards program. What is next? Well, you may have guessed it — today, we have a round up of gifts from

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The Best Wholesale Clothing Gift Ideas For Women

If you are looking for the best wholesale clothing gift ideas for women, look no further than our team’s suggestions here at the Buyer’s Lounge. As we previously mentioned with our Men’s Gift Guide, as we approach the holidays, we will be creating these guides to inform your retail buying and inventory planning. For missy and junior women alike, the products we have selected are great options for you to

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Tips For Holiday Visual Merchandising

The holiday season can be a fun time to up the ante on your store’s visual merchandising and displays. If you are looking for tips for holiday visual merchandising, you have come to the right place. In our Holiday Display 101, we take you through some of our favorite ideas for setting up beautiful displays this holiday season, complete with products from our marketplace to help you achieve this look.

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2015 Holiday Shopping Dates of Note

While holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive at the same time every year, each winter season brings with it an array of other important dates of note for retailers. Check out our holiday calendar for an overview of these 2015 holiday shopping dates of note, and start preparing your inventory with a look at some of our most recent New Arrivals. Saturday, October 31st: Halloween The first of our 2015

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