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How To Get A Good Return On Investment

Soon, your customers will be expecting end of summer and Labor Day sale blowouts. The week of August 27th generally shows the highest sales and revenue numbers throughout June, July and August as customers participate in back to school shopping, and take advantage of retailers who are clearing out their summer stock to make room for fall merchandise. However, offering these blowout deals can hurt your bottom line. If summer

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Innovative Order Fulfillment Strategies For Retailers

As the competitive landscape of E-Commerce and retail continues to get more and more difficult for business owners, companies are strategizing in any way they can to come out on top. We have been looking at examples of companies who are setting themselves apart with innovative order fulfillment strategies for retailers. Discover the companies and the method behind some of the innovative order fulfillment strategies currently in the works. Who

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Enticing Brick-And-Mortar Customers With Food Offerings

With consumers placing preference on digital channels for ease and convenience, retailers are looking for ways to entice brick-and-mortar customers to visit more often. One trend fairly fully implemented in Europe that is starting to catch on in the United States is food offerings and culinary experiences within department stores. For example, Galeries Lafayette, one of Paris’ oldest and largest department stores, hosts two floors of gourmet food offerings. This

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Mobile Shopping Statistics: What You Need To Know

Today, we break from the product focused nature of our posts to bring you important consumer insight related to mobile shopping statistics. What are the current trends when it comes to shopping on smartphones, and where is the innovation headed next? Discover the answers in this special Buyer’s Lounge report. Desktop vs. Mobile Shopping Statistics If you are not aware already, we are at the point now where more E-commerce

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The Psychology of Colors in Marketing

Today here at the Buyer’s Lounge, we have teamed up with Judy Musgrove of Judy’s Business Blog and Elegance Digital Magazine for some insight into the psychology of colors in marketing. How Do Colors Affect Us Mentally? Take a look at our short list of the psychology of colors in marketing, as listed below. Red: Shows excitement and stimulation. Blue: Creates a feeling of trust and security. Green: Associated with environmental products and promotes

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Fashion Trade Shows for June 2015

Since June is such a busy month in terms of fashion trade shows, we thought we would lay it out for you all at once for you to get an idea of the month at a glance. While we will continually highlight each of the individual fashion trade shows as they arise, as we have been doing since the conception of the Buyer’s Lounge, we also recognize that it might

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Social Media, Influencer and Content Marketing Event

These days, marketing is not the same as it used to be. The four main concerns used to be the 4 P’s: price, product, place and promotion. However, this straightforward model has become blurred in our digital age. Now, we have social media marketing, influencer marketing and content marketing all thrown into the mix – just to name a few. You probably know that all of these terms and marketing

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