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In an ongoing partnership, and OnDeck have come together with business resources for you.  Your Business is Priceless Do you remember back around the early 2000s, when MasterCard had nearly a decade run of the infamous “Priceless” campaign? The commercials, of which there were over 160, would take viewers through a series of related expenses. For example, you would see a man purchasing “new shirt: $50,” “dinner: $100,” and

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2014 Holiday Shopping Dates of Note

Just 16 days remain until the day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, and generally the biggest shopping day of the entire year. However, between Black Friday and the end of 2014, there are countless other important dates of note in terms of 2014 holiday shopping. For example, are you an active participant in Green Monday or Super Saturday? Whether you are a buyer or retailer looking to prepare your

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Understanding Millennial Shopping Habits

The Millennial Generation is described as individuals born between 1980 and 1999, currently ages 14 – 34. They represent the largest cohort size in history, at over 80 million. As 25% of the overall population, they have an annual spending power of over $600 billion. Out of all generations, they are the ones that have been studied the most. Therefore, there is plenty of information available to help with understanding

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Our Tips For A Successful Black Friday Sale

The day after Thanksgiving is also known as Black Friday. Historically, this name was coined in the 1960s when accounting was done by hand. Records in red ink indicated a loss; black indicated profit. Black Friday was the start of the holiday shopping season when profits increased, moving stores from the red to the black. In the years since, the day has expanded into a bigger and bigger deal. Now,

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Shop Made in the USA Clothing Wholesale

American Manufacturing American apparel manufacturing has been in the news in recent months. There is an increasing demand for made in the USA clothing wholesale. More customers are buying American made goods, and retailers want to compete. In the beginning of 2013, Walmart announced that over the next decade it would be boosting its sourcing of made in the USA products by $50 billion. As the nation’s largest retailer this

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Private Label Services For Apparel In Los Angeles

People often inquire about where to find private label services for apparel in Los Angeles. Due to this popular query, we wanted to direct you the private label service that is offered as a low-cost benefit with If you are not already aware that we offer private label services for apparel, read on to learn more about our program. Retailers benefit from having their own labels on their garments.

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Three Tips For A Successful Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Weekend is a huge opportunity for retailers. This extended weekend event marks the beginning of fall. Summer selling’s last hurrah makes room in your store for brand new wholesale fashion apparel. For many retailers, it is the last major promotional event before holiday markdowns and Black Friday shopping. This is just one reason the stakes are high. It is also last minute crunch time for those who are

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