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Wholesale Dress Clothes for Holiday Dinners

If there is one common thread that many holidays have across different cultures, seasons and decades, it is usually that a meal is involved. Particularly during the time of winter holidays, families, friends and co-workers will gather around dinner tables to celebrate the season and enjoy spending time together. If your customers are hosting one of these events, they will no doubt be concerned with putting together the perfect gathering. There

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The Best Wholesale Clothing Gift Ideas For Women

If you are looking for the best wholesale clothing gift ideas for women, look no further than our team’s suggestions here at the Buyer’s Lounge. As we previously mentioned with our Men’s Gift Guide, as we approach the holidays, we will be creating these guides to inform your retail buying and inventory planning. For missy and junior women alike, the products we have selected are great options for you to

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Tips For Holiday Visual Merchandising

The holiday season can be a fun time to up the ante on your store’s visual merchandising and displays. If you are looking for tips for holiday visual merchandising, you have come to the right place. In our Holiday Display 101, we take you through some of our favorite ideas for setting up beautiful displays this holiday season, complete with products from our marketplace to help you achieve this look.

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Wholesale Cosmetics Are Growing In Demand

When you go to a department store such as Macy’s or Nordstrom, you can find a one stop shop for all of your fashion, beauty and accessory needs. Many different makeup counters provide consultations and sales. For a long time, smaller retailers and other retail formats were less known for this. Now, however, many of these establishments are choosing to include makeup, skincare, nail polish and other beauty industry items as

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2015 Holiday Shopping Dates of Note

While holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive at the same time every year, each winter season brings with it an array of other important dates of note for retailers. Check out our holiday calendar for an overview of these 2015 holiday shopping dates of note, and start preparing your inventory with a look at some of our most recent New Arrivals. Saturday, October 31st: Halloween The first of our 2015

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September Shopping in the LA Fashion District

Happy Labor Day! It is quite possible that you are already doing a little bit of shopping today. After all, there are tons of sales going on at retailers both here in Los Angeles, and across the world wide web of course. If you have not yet fulfilled your shopping fix for the month, we want to take a moment to highlight what September shopping in the LA Fashion District

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Retail Trends in the Bridal Industry

Right now is a time where wedding planners, venues and vendors are all at their busiest. For the year 2013, October was the month that featured the most popular wedding date. In the southern states of the United States, high wedding season is considered November and December. If you sell to the niche market of wedding attire, there are several retail trends in the bridal industry that you will want to

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