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TRENDZ Trade Show January 2016

Do you feel ready for the trade show season to start back up again? 2016 is full of so many dates for you to get together with wholesale manufacturers in a variety of different states to preview the latest seasonal collections, meet with sales representatives, learn about market trends and much more. We ease into the season with the laid back TRENDZ Trade Show. TRENDZ Trade Show January 2016 occurs

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Calendar of 2016 Trade Shows

The 2016 trade shows are almost upon us. As we move closer to January, it is time to start thinking again about which shows to attend. As always, LA Showroom makes it easy for you by providing comprehensive coverage of all the different shows here at the Buyer’s Lounge. Right now, we have an overview for you of all the January 2016 trade shows. Stay tuned throughout the coming weeks

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STYLEMAX Chicago Trade Show

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet by the potential of all of the different fashion trade shows taking place this October? We hope not. In order to avoid the overwhelming feeling, LA Showroom breaks down each show by date and location, with a referential list of attending LAS members, along with an at-a-glance calendar overview of the entire month. This is just one of the many ways we cater the Buyer’s

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Wholesale Apparel Supplier Collections at TRENDZ

With all of the many different fashion trade shows happening this month across the United States, it can be difficult to choose which will be most beneficial for your business to attend. We have provided an overview of each one in hopes of steering you in the right direction as a buyer. As our coverage of the October shows winds down, today we provide you information on what you can

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Shop Manufacturers Clothing at Atlanta Apparel

Are you headed to shop manufacturers clothing lines at Atlanta Apparel this October? If you are, we have all the relevant details and LA Showroom updates you need to know. If you are not, you may reconsider after reading what we have to say about the show. After all, October 2015 is the last month where wholesale fashion trade shows for junior and women’s markets take place. In order to

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Discover Manufacturer Clothing Lines at FMNC

If you are looking for one of October’s last opportunities to discover manufacturer clothing and purchase wholesale from many fashion manufacturers at once, Fashion Market Northern California might be an option to consider. Followed only by Dallas, TRENDZ and StyleMax, FMNC is one of the last chances of the 2015 year to visit the trade show circuit. Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 18th through Tuesday, October 20th, and book

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Shop Contemporary Fashion at Dallas Market

In keeping with our in-depth updates of all the different trade shows occurring next month, today, we turn our focus towards the Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market. The Dallas show is a great upcoming opportunity to shop contemporary fashion from a variety of different wholesalers, including some of our very own LA Showroom members. Let us dive right in to some of the details about this fashion trade show. Contemporary

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