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LOVE IT: A Vibrant Collection of Leggings Wholesale!

Leggings will always be a wardrobe staple for every season! Leggings can serve as an extra layer of warmth during the fall and winter months or as a statement piece paired with a lovely top during the spring and summer. Whatever the case may be, it’s no secret that retailers should be stocking this coveted closet must-have. LOVE IT offers an exclusive selection of leggings wholesale on The brand is

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Memorial Day Weekend Specials: Wholesale Discounts!

LA Showroom aims to keep our dedicated fashion buyers in the loop of all the trending wholesale discounts available within the industry. Today we’re sharing favorite specials on apparel and helping you stock your store with great new merchandise. Check out the popular edge and contemporary deals below 😊 The Best Wholesale Discounts Available at LA Showroom This Week! LLOVE LLOVE is offering 5% DISCOUNT on all orders until May

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Retailer News: New Contemporary Clothing Brands!

Contemporary clothing brands are introducing the best new summer styles at LA Showroom’s online wholesale marketplace. Allow us to introduce you to the fabulous new selection of manufacturers and distributors! Quickly stock your store with the latest on-trend merchandise all from the comfort of your home. New Contemporary Clothing Brands at LA Showroom Twelve Months The most recent contemporary fashion trends to hit the scene have arrived at LA Showroom from

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Wholesale Fashion Handbags by Just1Fashion!

LA Showroom is widely known for their premier collection of wholesale apparel for the retail market. In addition to this, LA Showroom is a growing source for some of the best wholesale fashion handbags available within the industry. Fashion buyers can quickly register online on our wholesale marketplace to gain access to a wide variety of fashion manufacturers and distributors that will assist you in stocking the best merchandise for your

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*NEW* Wholesale Apparel Online at LA Showroom!

LA Showroom is a premier outlet for fashion buyers to browse and purchase a wide variety of wholesale apparel online. We aim to connect fashion designers and apparel manufacturers and distributors to buyers, boutiques, and retailers from around the world. We offer pre-screened collections of the best fashion apparel and wholesale boutique clothing at the best possible prices to our members through virtual showrooms. Check out this week’s latest wholesale

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Brand New Wholesale Apparel Vendors at LAS!

Allow us to introduce you to this week’s dynamic round-up of new wholesale apparel vendors now a part of LA Showroom! Our goal is to provide you with a curated guide of all things trending in fashion! Every day we get the scoop on the best New Arrivals and top-selling styles from hundreds of manufacturers and distributors within the industry. Check out the newest members of our online wholesale marketplace

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May 2017: Wholesale Deals at LA Showroom

Gain access to some of the fashion industry’s latest wholesale deals on apparel and accessories by visiting LA Showroom’s ‘Specials’ Page! The ‘Specials’ page is where approved and trusted wholesalers post their current deals available on our online wholesale marketplace. Check in often because new deals are featured daily — Happy Shopping! New Wholesale Deals at LA Showroom! Enter all promotional codes in the comment box at the time of checkout

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