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Lyss Loo, Misia and More Center Stage Members

Welcome to our last Center Stage post for the 2015 year! This month, we have a wonderful array of five different vendors to focus on, so that you can better get to know our members and how their selections differ. Come meet Lyss Loo, Milkyway, Misia, Pink Note and Pop Up. Lyss Loo  Lyss Loo is a women’s manufacturer of dresses, bottoms, tops, skirts, sweaters and more, located in the

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Center Stage: Apparel For Women Wholesale

Are you seeking out new apparel for women wholesale for your store, but are not sure which of our LAS members to start with? This is why each month, LA Showroom spotlights different members. With our Center Stage monthly feature, we highlight five different members that you may be interested in purchasing from. Read on to see what November has to offer in terms of discovering apparel for women wholesale

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Center Stage Clothing At Wholesale Prices

If you are looking for some of this month’s hottest clothing at wholesale prices you will love, look no further than the five LAS Center Stage members we have outlined here. Between Chiqle, Estam, Everly, Oddi and Privy, all different types of clothing at wholesale prices is available to you as a buyer. Chiqle Chiqle is a women’s manufacturer of premium denim. Within their selection, you are able to find

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Center Stage: 5 Junior Clothing Manufacturers

Today, we have five junior clothing manufacturers that we are taking Center Stage as part of this ongoing monthly feature. If you are looking for junior clothing manufacturers to shop from for your boutique or online store, this is a great opportunity to focus in on a handful of such suppliers to determine if they could have something to offer your store. iJoah As we go about our September Center

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August Center Stage Clothing Manufacturers

It is time again to bring you our monthly five Center Stage clothing manufacturers. These are vendors you may not yet have had a chance to get to know. This month, we feature Blue Blush, Caribbean Queen, Jacaranda, L and B Life and Nylon Apparel. See a preview of their styles and learn what LAS programs they participate in by reading about each one below. Blue Blush The first of

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Center Stage: Wholesale Clothes For Juniors

This July, we are bringing to our “Center Stage” five different wholesalers who offer clothes for juniors. With back to school coming just around the corner (do not worry – we are not going to actually go there yet), it is a good idea to start putting some different vendors of clothes for juniors on the map. Meet Kimberly C, TCD, The Classic, Vivace and YoYo5. Kimberly C   Kimberly

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June’s Center Stage Online Fashion Wholesalers

As we aim to familiarize you with all the different vendors in our marketplace, we hone in on five “Center Stage” online fashion wholesalers for June: Miss Avenue, Mebon, Dahlya, Hi-Beam and In Vein. For details and example styles from each, continue reading below. Mebon The first of our Center Stage online fashion wholesalers for the month is Mebon. Tops make up most of their selection. While the cute styles above are

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