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June’s Center Stage Online Fashion Wholesalers

As we aim to familiarize you with all the different vendors in our marketplace, we hone in on five “Center Stage” online fashion wholesalers for June: Miss Avenue, Mebon, Dahlya, Hi-Beam and In Vein. For details and example styles from each, continue reading below. Mebon The first of our Center Stage online fashion wholesalers for the month is Mebon. Tops make up most of their selection. While the cute styles above are

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Center Stage US Clothing Manufacturers

Today, we want to introduce you to the members we are highlighting as our five “Center Stage” vendors for the month of May. If you have not yet checked out the storefronts for US clothing manufacturers Pretty Young Thing, SML Style, Freeway, Lulumari and The Clothing Company, now is a great opportunity to do so. All five of these women’s manufacturers are located right here in the heart of the

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April’s 5 “Center Stage” Apparel Suppliers

How do you stay on top of all the different apparel suppliers we have here at LAS? Do you have certain favorite storefronts that you go to? Or, are you constantly looking to discover new ones to purchase from? In either case, we want to make sure you are always aware of all the different offerings we have. Finding plenty of the right wholesale apparel and accessory items for your

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March’s 5 “Center Stage” Apparel Wholesalers

In case you missed it, last month, we introduced the Center Stage feature on our blog. We want our buyers and vendors to be able to connect and find each other, but with all the variety it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. Take it in small doses by getting acquainted little by little with the apparel wholesalers that we introduce here at the Buyer’s Lounge. This month, we

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Purchase Apparel Wholesale From Our Center Stage Members

In our efforts to better acquaint you with our vendors, so that you can find the best storefronts to purchase apparel wholesale, we are introducing another new Meet Our Members feature. You are already likely familiar with our weekly Newest Members updates. Looking forward, we have posts to come that highlight exclusive members and those who have been with LAShowroom since its very beginning. Today, however, we focus on the

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