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New Wholesale Apparel Storefronts

Here at LAShowroom, not a weekday goes by without launching new storefronts! We are once again excited to welcome new members to our marketplace. As you already know, each vendor offers a different selection and it is therefore worth getting to know each one individually by reading our recap below. Fashion U Fashion U is one of LAShowroom’s exclusive vendors offering wholesale tops, dresses, pants and sets. Fashion Hub This

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Sexy Cocktail Dresses From Our Exclusive Members

This December as we bring you our Exclusive Members post for the month, we wanted to focus on our LA Showroom manufacturers who offer sexy cocktail dresses. After all, this is the season where party dresses and evening attire is sold more frequently. What better way to shop for your store than with members who have a devoted loyalty to LA Showroom? Let us take a deeper look into Everlush,

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Purchasing Wholesale Fashion From Our Exclusive Members

There are many benefits of using LA Showroom as your primary resource for purchasing wholesale fashion. We have a Buyer’s Club where we offer rewards to our members. With order consolidation, your items from different members can be sent in one convenient shipment. Another benefit? There are certain vendors that are part of LAS whose products are not available anywhere else. These we call our Exclusive Members, and each month,

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Wholesale Winter Formal Dresses From Our Exclusive Members

Before we close out the month, we want to introduce our Exclusive Members for October to you. Remember that LAS Exclusive Members are manufacturers who do not offer their collections anywhere outside of LA Showroom. If you are looking to shop wholesale winter formal dresses for the upcoming months, all but one of our October Exclusive Members can help you out. Encore Jean  Encore Jean is the black sheep of

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September Exclusive Members: Apparel For Women

If you are currently sourcing apparel for women, yet are not sure of which of our many vendors to turn to, allow us to introduce our September Exclusive Members to you. Between Demore, Depri, Diva Star and Ellen, there are many different types of apparel for women available. Join us as we go a little more in depth on these vendors who are only available here at LA Showroom. Demore

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August Exclusive Members: Junior Wholesale Clothes

In our efforts to make sure you are as acquainted as possible with all our various vendors, each month, we select different members to feature. One ongoing monthly highlight is the Exclusive Members showcase, where we provide an in depth look at wholesalers who are not available outside of LA Showroom. With back to school shopping being a major theme at this time, we have focused August’s exclusive members around

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Wholesale Sexy Dresses From Our Exclusive Members

By now, we hope you are aware that LA Showroom offers a selection of vendors who cannot be found anywhere else. One of the ways we express our gratitude for the loyalty of our “Exclusive Members” is to feature them here on the Buyer’s Lounge. This month, we bring you Coco Avante, Codigo, Come N See and Crimson Ivy. While each of these vendors has a different point of view, one thing

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