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June’s Exclusive Members: Wholesale Bridal Dresses & More

As we work our way through June, we bring you another Exclusive Members feature to showcase members who you will not find anywhere else outside of LA Showroom. Because summer and fall bring with them wedding season, wholesale bridal dresses are the focus for two of these members – Celavie and Cindy Collection. With Casting LA and Catch Me, we get a little bit more of a diverse selection of

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Exclusive Junior Plus Size Clothing

As we continue our efforts to get you acquainted with all the different members we have at LAS, it is time again for our monthly Exclusive Members showcase. Exclusive Members are vendors who only exhibit their selections through LA Showroom, and we are very appreciative of this loyalty. This month, we feature four members: CALS, C.O.C., Bibian Dress and Beholdenim. Two of these members are vendors of junior apparel –

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Looking For An Exclusive Fashion Wholesale Manufacturer?

Are you looking for an exclusive wholesale fashion manufacturer? Did you know we have a whole database of members that you are unable to purchase from at any other place? Support uniqueness and loyalty by shopping from this month’s featured exclusive members, who include Avital, April, Aspeed and Ariella. Avital Our first fashion wholesale manufacturer to highlight is Avital. Avital is a wholesaler of both missy and junior clothing. Their

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Fashion Wholesale Manufacturers Exclusive to LAS

As promised, in our efforts to help you get to know all of our vendors a little bit better, we are introducing a few of our exclusive members in a little more depth each month. Today, we feature four fashion wholesale manufacturers exclusive to 2B Clothing, 36 Point 5, Amazing Grace and Americana. 2B Clothing 2B Clothing focuses primarily on bottoms. If you are looking for pencil skirts with

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