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Our Gift To You: Deals On Wholesale Apparel

All season long, we have been publishing blog posts and sending out newsletters that focus on gifts for buyers to purchase for their customers to give and treat themselves. As the retailer, are you beginning to feel a little neglected? Not to worry. Today, we focus specially on a gift to you from deals on wholesale apparel as part of our “Specials” section. If you are not familiar with

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BenefitMall Payroll Solutions

As a small business or retailer, your employees are no doubt among some of your most precious resources. Where would your company be without the personnel who devote their time and energy to seeing it succeed? Because of both their hard work and legal considerations, it is essential to offer fair salaries, employee benefits and other payroll services to the people you employ. However, with the busy time constraints of

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In an ongoing partnership, and OnDeck have come together with business resources for you.  Your Business is Priceless Do you remember back around the early 2000s, when MasterCard had nearly a decade run of the infamous “Priceless” campaign? The commercials, of which there were over 160, would take viewers through a series of related expenses. For example, you would see a man purchasing “new shirt: $50,” “dinner: $100,” and

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A Happy Thanksgiving From

Happy Thanksgiving from! We wanted to quickly note that our staff is taking the day off themselves; therefore, is out of office for the day and unavailable by our usual methods of communication. First thing Friday, we will be happy to respond to any messages we may have received. We appreciate your patience in this regard. However, one thing we know is that in the fashion world, things are

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Private Label Services For Apparel In Los Angeles

People often inquire about where to find private label services for apparel in Los Angeles. Due to this popular query, we wanted to direct you the private label service that is offered as a low-cost benefit with If you are not already aware that we offer private label services for apparel, read on to learn more about our program. Retailers benefit from having their own labels on their garments.

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