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Talk to the Tee: New Timing Clothing Shirts!

It’s time to help your customers refresh their casual wardrobes with statement-making t-shirts! Currently, t-shirts that offer humorous and empowering slogan sayings are increasing in popularity. The latest tees from Timing Clothing puts the wearer’s personalities in the spotlight. This easy to style wardrobe staple is having a moment on the 2017 spring runways. This season retailers should expect to stock up on simple designs that evoke a message. Whether the

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12 Glitter & Metallic Dresses Your Store Needs NOW!

Be sure to stock your inventory with LA Showroom’s most popular winter trend: glitter and metallic dresses! Customers are flocking to their favorite stores and searching for designs that offer eye-catching gold, silver, and other blinged out colorways. Although the wintertime brings about an abundance in layering and thick outwear staples, the fashion world is making a case for showcasing bold hues and fabrics that shine brightly. Twelve women’s clothing manufacturers at

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Jewelry Trends: Fall/Winter Wholesale Essentials

If you meticulously watch out for the latest fashion jewelry trends, you are often introduced to all the innovations relating to women’s jewelry pieces on a cyclical basis. Of course, the fashion game is constantly evolving. Styles that are popular during Spring and Summer are usually different from the new looks that come around during the Fall and Winter time. From bold crystal chains to delicate earrings and bracelets, Fall/Winter

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Shop & Stock: Fall Outerwear Trends

LA Showroom has an expansive selection of women’s fall outerwear essentials ready to be part of your store’s upcoming marketing plan. We’re introducing our buyers to the latest looks and trends in cardigans, jackets, ponchos, and knitwear. Ellie & Kate offers contemporary women’s clothing styles that are fashion-forward and comfortable for fall. We’re just like you. We constantly wonder “Where did the time go!?” Just a few months ago buyers were

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Looks We Love: The 4 Coveted Eyewear Trends

Let’s talk eyewear. LA Showroom is the leading marketplace for wholesale sunglasses vendors! Finding the right selection to market within your store often involves seasonal planning and trend research. One minute the funky blue lenses sweep across the runways. Then, you flip the through the television and see the classic aviator style on just about everyone. The trends can be fleeting, but, there is a sure set of four categories that encompasses

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Distributors Clothing: Looks We Love

When it comes to the manufacturers and distributors clothing that has just arrived in the month of July, there are definitely some looks we love. Join our team as we highlight an array of products. These are not only the looks we love most right now, but we guarantee they will be looks your customers will love to purchase as well. The items we have chosen today from our manufacturers

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