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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry: Icing on the Fashion Cupcake

The beginning of a new week usually has a bad rep. We’ve gotten past the Monday blues, and as you trek through Tuesday, allow us to bring to your attention a topic that will be sure to add a little extra sparkle to your day…Wholesale Fashion Jewelry!   While most of our efforts fall into the Women’s Clothing category, there is no doubt that the world without jewelry would be dull.

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Cool & Confident: Plus Size Summer Dresses

There are few things more stunning than a confident smile. As consumers, we treasure fashion for its ability to transform the way we feel about ourselves. You are sure to have seen at least one person in your Instagram feed post a nice typographic quote that reads, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” and it always gets a ton of likes, because we all

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Fall Wholesale Fashion Must-Haves

Fall is in full swing! Pumpkins are starting to grace porch steps. Suddenly, a second trip back into the house to grab an extra scarf or cardigan becomes necessary when heading out the door in the morning. From interior decor to restaurant menus to the leaves on the trees, there are indicators of fall to be found just about everywhere. Therefore, it would only be appropriate for LA Showroom to

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May’s Best Wholesale Fashions For Ladies

You already know that April Showers bring May Flowers. We just dedicated a whole recent blog post of wholesale fashions for ladies in all of the different and great floral prints that LA Showroom has to offer. So, as our team looks to our monthly round up of the “Must Haves” for you to purchase in the weeks ahead, it should come as no surprise that again the inspiration for our

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April’s Best Wholesale Fashion For Ladies

How is the month of April looking for your store? Do you feel well-stocked with your inventory as spring continues? Or, are you looking for new wholesale fashion for ladies to help fill in any gaps you may have, or to add some new key pieces? Well, as is customary for the start of the new month, our team has rounded up some top style picks for you to browse,

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March’s Best Online Wholesale Clothing

At the beginning of each month, our team puts together a carefully curated selection of items that are must-haves for this month’s retail buying for your store. Shop these in-demand items from our selection of online wholesale clothing with confidence, knowing your customers will love them. Act quick, however. Though March may have many days left, the same can not necessarily be said for the shelf life of these best

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