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Winter Sale Markdowns on Wholesale Apparel

Treat yourself to a little gift this holiday season, by saving money when you shop our LA Showroom SALE section! While you may think that our sale section will not have the newest and most relevant trends, this is simply not the case. We have a variety of winter sale markdowns on wholesale apparel, full of items like suede dresses, poncho sweaters, sweater dresses and other trendy options that customers

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How To Get A Good Return On Investment

Soon, your customers will be expecting end of summer and Labor Day sale blowouts. The week of August 27th generally shows the highest sales and revenue numbers throughout June, July and August as customers participate in back to school shopping, and take advantage of retailers who are clearing out their summer stock to make room for fall merchandise. However, offering these blowout deals can hurt your bottom line. If summer

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Our Best Wholesale Clothing Prices

Is your store feeling the effects of slow summer sales? Sometimes, consumers can be more focused on travel, leisure and tourism for their spending, rather than purchasing clothing. If you are looking to update your store’s merchandise selection for a low price, know that the LA Showroom sale page has the best wholesale clothing prices you can find. Lowering your inventory cost will help balance your budget, but you can

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April Fools From

Tomorrow is Wednesday, April 1st, which qualifies it as April Fools Day, as the first day of April is always known as. When you see the styles that are presented both here in our blog post and its corresponding newsletter, you may be inclined to think that this is an April Fools Day joke from After all, these prices are so low on such fashionable wholesale pieces, that it

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March Madness: Cheap Wholesale Clothing!

When it comes to the month of March, one thing that it seems everyone is always buzzing about is the March Madness basketball tournament. While we cannot attest to knowing too much about March Madness for basketball, we do have a little March Madness in terms of wholesale fashion happening at It comes in the form of cheap wholesale clothing. If you are looking for the best deals on

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