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Mittoshop Wholesale Clothing with Premium Fabrics!

Spring and Summer 2017 clothing designs are beginning to roll out on LA Showroom’s online wholesale marketplace. Keep your store’s inventory in-line with the upcoming season by stocking popular styles and planning the next sales push in advance. Color trends are taking the spotlight with vibrant hues that are sure to attract your customers. Mittoshop’s latest pieces are constructed from premium fabrics in shades of pink, blue, and violet, just

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Cozy Knits & Sweaters

As the temperatures start to take a dip towards the cooler side, the most popular purchases at LA Showroom is proving to be wholesale sweaters and fabulous knits.  Given the fashion industry’s fast-paced movement, it is crucial that fashion buyers jump on the opportunity to stock their inventory with the most coveted designs. Cozy knits and sweater trends this season are evoking a casually, relaxed demeanor. The designs featured from Rachel

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Fall Fabric Feature: Crushed Velvet!

It doesn’t get any more decadent than velvet in terms of upcoming fall fabric trends! The plush feeling and lush material evoke luxury. According to W Magazine, designers can’t seem to get enough of velvet’s rich, luxe look for this upcoming season. The runways were filled with velvet designs intermixed with dresses, kimonos, shoes, blouses, blazers, plus much more! LA Showroom members have accounted for this trend by updating  styles readily

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A Case for Lace

LA Showroom is the place for your essential wholesale lace looks. It’s a pleasure to introduce La Diosa as one of our manufacturers that features an array of excellent pieces which incorporates this long-lived trend. From lace crop tops to cocktail dresses, La Diosa integrates the look successfully for everyday wear. La Diosa is known for being unique and affordable for fashion buyers. This manufacturer stands out for their bold designs which

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Fabric Feature: What is Chambray Denim?

We’re offering up a crash course at LAShowroom’s Buyer’s Lounge to answer the burning question: What is chambray?! Trend forecasting experts have wholly accepted that the chambray trend is here to stay. As a result, wholesale buyers are eager to incorporate the look into their merchandising collection.  Most importantly, we’re showcasing the best of what LA Showroom has to offer in the wholesale denim chambray department. Here are a few

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Suede Clothing for Fall 2015

For a subtle texture this fall, stock your store with smooth suede clothing. By all accounts, suede is the new fur. While the “polar vortex” two years ago prompted heavy fur on the runways last year, this year, it was suede that was the favorite textile of choice from myriad designers. You will no doubt be swayed into purchasing suede when you see all the fantastic styles that LA Showroom

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