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Style File: The Season for Selling Semi Formal Dresses

LA Showroom is your number one source for purchasing wholesale semi formal homecoming dresses. As the back to school shopping season comes to an end, high-schoolers will soon approach homecoming season. Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back students of a school and it often involves a formal dance and gathering. Merchandising for homecoming early benefits any boutique or e-commerce shop that sells semi-formal to formal dresses. Attention all fashion buyers! Staying

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A Wholesale Shopping Guide featuring Aly Rose!

LA Showroom is shining a light on Aly Rose, a premier clothing manufacturer based out of Los Angeles, for insight on the latest in wholesale shopping. With a handy wholesale shopping guide, merchandising for your store’s newest inventory is a breeze with the collection Aly Rose has to offer. We’ve narrowed down the best-selling looks from this trendy, women’s casual wear vendor. Aly Rose is a brand with over 25

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Style File: The Best Wholesale Clothing Guide for Comme Toi

Whether you’re starting or currently running an e-commerce site or a physical retail business, finding the best wholesale clothing options is of prime importance. Mainly, you need a steady, reliable source of inventory and LA Showroom is the leading outlet to make sure you’ve got the right connections to the premiere manufacturers and distributors available in the wholesale marketplace. We’re shining the spotlight on, Comme Toi (pronounced comm-twa), one of the

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Junior Wholesale Dresses & More: Fall Foliage Inspiration

One of the most visible indicators of the seasons transitioning from summer to autumn is how leaves change colors. We love the autumn inspiration seen in shades of red, orange, yellow, brown and green that interact to create beautiful fall foliage landscapes. Today, that inspiration carries over to our products. We have plenty of relevant fall foliage inspired junior wholesale dresses, skirts, blouses accessories and more. Often times for fall

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Shop Trendy Hi-Lo Hemlines

It seems as these days, it is rarer for garments to be cut evenly across than it is to see an asymmetrical hemline. In recent years, the look has gained notable popularity as “hi-lo” or “waterfall” hemlines are favored by both designer and consumer. What is it about trendy hi-lo hemlines that makes them so appealing? Join us as we break this down as well as showcase some of our

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Sets: A Trendy Take on Wholesale Jumpsuits

For a while now, wholesale jumpsuits have been popular. Wearing the same fabric from top to bottom makes a bold, fashion-forward statement. The silhouettes can be surprisingly flattering. They vary from the basic dress or denim wardrobe ruts that women may tend to get stuck in. However, in with their selection of wholesale jumpsuits, many vendors have now been offering two piece sets. Sets seem to be a bit of a

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Jump On It: Wholesale Jumpsuits and Rompers

Wholesale jumpsuits and rompers are the subject of today’s Style File report for you! First of all, do you know the difference between the two? Typically, rompers are one pieces that have shorts for the bottom, whereas jumpsuits are full length pants. Despite this difference, there is one big commonality: increasingly, rompers and jumpsuits are gaining popularity amongst both junior and missy women. As we approach spring, cute styles have

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