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Atlanta Apparel Mart + Trade Show Tips!

Atlanta Apparel buyers had the opportunity to explore the Spring and Resort seasons with a curated collection of the latest trends in contemporary and ready-to-wear lines this past weekend. LA Showroom was on the scene gathering the latest looks and designs that are currently available for order on our website

A handful of LA Showroom members took their merchandise to Atlanta to participate in this wonderful five-day networking event. Atlanta Apparel Mart provides access to top lines in the fashion world with collections designed to meet the needs of any retail buyer. High-end, young contemporary, ready-to-wear and premium denim are just a few of the main categories. Specialty categories such as children’s, plus-size, and the latest trends in bridal and special occasion also made its mark.

During these exhibitions, insiders gain the opportunity to learn the direction that the fashion market is heading. Aside from the top benefits of attending trade shows,  there is much to capitalize on by following up on an event like Atlanta Apparel Mart.

Here are our top 3 Trade Show Follow-up Tips for Fashion Buyers:

    • Atlanta Apparel presents its largest overall trade show to date – 14 percent greater than the October 2015 Market and 44 percent larger than October 2014 – with its most tradeshow booths ever. With a vast collection of new connections, it’s important to touch base with the people that you’ve met and exchanged business information with. Forging great relationships are an excellent way to ensure a positive name within the industry.
  2. ORDER 
    • If you didn’t get a chance to place your orders at the trade show, LA Showroom is available to make sure you get the merchandise you need from the manufacturers you loved. Register or Log-In online to gain access to many of the vendors at Atlanta Apparel Mart!
  3. PLAN
    • The next trade show is just around the corner! It’s beneficial to evaluate the companies that your brand aligned with the most. When the time comes, be sure to reconnect with them at a future event.

Trend Forecasting from Atlanta Apparel Mart:

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