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Compete for Sales in the Back to School Fashion Season

The back to school fashion period is upon us! For retailers, that means gearing up for an opportunity to increase sales for the upcoming Fall season. Luckily, stores have the nearing Labor Day holiday (September 5) to push new back to school sales in motion.

According to data obtained from Bizrate Insights, it shows that more than half of consumers will kick off their back-to-school shopping between early to mid-August. LA Showroom has the necessary wholesale products for buyers to stock just in time for this wave of sales.

Back to School Fashion Marketing Tips for Retailers

  1. Promote on Social Media: We live in a highly interactive social media world! Some customers interested in your company may not be on your email newsletter list but still actively follow you on social media outlets. Draft up several back to school fashion themed posts and frequently share before your sale starts. Two social media outlets that are often forgotten are Yelp and Google. Make sure you touch base with these networking sites and encourage your shoppers to leave your company a review after a great shopping experience.
  2. Send Out an Email Newsletter: It’s important to share information with your customers. If you’re offering some kind of special sale or discount within the upcoming months,  send out a newsletter to help bolster sales.  As a retailer, you know your products more than your customer, sell your products by integrating style tips within your newsletter. This will provide you with a level of engagement with your audience.
  3. Upsell & Cross-sell Items: Planning and marketing outfits that go together creates a more pleasurable shopping experience. Master the art of upselling! For example, create looks that match great with a particular jacket in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. To add, cross-selling tiny trinkets and accessories at the register tap into the impulsive nature of shoppers.
  4. Stock Trending Items for Your Target Demographic: LA Showroom is a leading outlet for women’s wholesale fashion manufacturers. According to, If the consumer economy had a gender, it would be female.

“Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence.”

Because of this massive purchasing power, it would be beneficial to stock your inventory with the latest styles within the realm of women’s contemporary, junior, and accessory options.

Historically, LA Showroom’s buyer trends showcase the following women’s shopping categories as priority merchandising opportunities for the back to school season:

Pants by Blue Age

The back to school shopping season sees a resurgence in denim. Blue Age offers a selection of slim fit designs in different colorways and washes. In addition, this vendor is showcasing a modern trend in bottoms: the printed pant. Market these with basic tees for a complete and casual look.

Back to School Fashion Pants at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Outerwear by Honey Punch 

Lightweight jackets and cardigans take a boost in popularity during the latter months of the year. Back to school shoppers are more likely to build cohesive outfits.  Their interest lies in shopping multiple fashion categories. LA Showroom is proudly carrying, Honey Punch, a leading vendor in new women’s outerwear designs.

Back to School Fashion Outerwear at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Casual Tops by Spade & Heart

Provide a selection of casual tops that have a sense of flare to them. The back to school basics offered by Spade & Heart are best paired with a comfy jean and layered with a simple cardigan.

Back to School Fashion Tops at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Easy to Wear Styles by Coveted Clothing

Simple “throw it on and go” outfits are making its way into women’s wardrobes everywhere. The statement-making romper is becoming a staple for its easy-to-wear nature. Market these rompers with unique accessories for a look that can be worn at school and on the weekend.

Back to School Fashion Rompers at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Special Shopping Add-Ons: Market these great designs with back to school fashion accessories. LA Showroom’s best-selling vendors are:

Back To School Fashion at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Great back to school wholesale purchasing opportunities are now available at Register for free and browse through a mega-mall of vendors from premier manufacturers & distributors!

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