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Noteworthy Fashion Business Incorporated Events

For the industry professional looking to keep their skills sharp, here are some noteworthy Fashion Business Incorporated events to be aware of.

Fashion design is not all about trends and creativity. In fact, it is a highly detailed, technical industry. Skills in product development and technical design are in demand and important. If you are looking to brush up on your technical design skills, you’ll want to hear about the following events.

Techpacks In Excel

This month, between trade show appearances, Fashion Business Incorporated (FBI) is hosting a series of Saturday workshops at their headquarters here in the California Market Center. The first of these Fashion Business Incorporated events takes place this Saturday, August 2nd and is entitled “Techpacks in Excel.” The cost of this workshop is $75 for FBI members and $125 for FBI non-members. This 6 hour class will review the following:

  • Functions and commands needed for tech pack creation
  • Two EZ grade rule formula options that correspond with popular measurements
  • Templates and layouts
  • Construction and sewing page tips
  • Photo insertion

Basic Flats Parts I and II

The second of the two Fashion Business Incorporated events is split into two parts. While each course can be taken individually, it comes recommended by FBI to complete both consecutively. The subject is Illustrator Basic Flats. Part I is held Saturday, August 9th from 10AM to 2PM, and the second is held the same hours the following Saturday on August 16th. Each seminar runs $50 for members and $90 for non-members.  Hands-on Illustrator basics will be completed, including:

  • Familiarization with all the program’s tools and shapes
  • Adding plackets and buttons
  • Creating stitches
  • Moving Illustrator drawings into Excel line sheets
  • Utilizing imported croquis

In the competitive job industry that is the world of apparel, you can’t go wrong with furthering your education with seminars such as these. For more information, visit the FBI’s website. And don’t forget to stop by the Buyer’s Lounge every day for continued content related to all things apparel, particularly here in the LA Fashion District!

Are you attending the Fashion Business Incorporated events this month? Or have you attend previous Fashion Business Incorporated events in the past? Post your feedback in a comment!

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