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Score With World Cup Fashion From Every Country

Score with World Cup fashion! As this exciting event takes over for the next several weeks, we have wholesale apparel for no matter what team your customers support.

Across the globe, one of the most-talked about current event is the 2014 FIFA World Cup taking place in several stadiums throughout Brazil. Carrying on through the middle of July, 32 different countries battle head-to-head to become the world’s soccer champion. It is the biggest single-event sporting competition worldwide.

Many of our wholesale clothing distributors are wise to the fact that this event creates a huge profit-making potential. World Cup paraphernalia is being sought out by consumers all around the globe, particularly attire relating to the various countries. World Cup fashion allows participation and support in one of the easiest and most fun ways. If you haven’t already stocked your store, it’s not too late for you to jump on the bandwagon and create a little team spirit in your boutique. We have rounded up some of the best World Cup fashion clothes from our wholesalers from USA to Europe to South America.

1. Top Fashion Leggings  2. T.D.C. Tank Top  3. Misha Fashion T-Shirt  4. Il Capriccio Leggings  5. In Vein Crop Top

The leggings are offered at such cheap prices, they are practically a no-brainer. Vendors like In Vein have combined contemporary trend movements, such as the crop top fixation and fringe as a detail, with the patriotism so that they are relevant to both the event and what is stylish now, maximizing the selling potential. Another example of this is the matching crop top and bottom sets also offered by In Vein (not pictured). The Italian flag print set is subtle enough to be worn after the World Cup has ended. Remember also that World Cup fashion featuring the US has the added benefit of doubling as Fourth of July fashion. May the best team win!

6. HI-BEAM Leggings   7. Il Capriccio Leggings  8. HI-BEAM Leggings  9. HI-BEAM Leggings  10. LOVE IT Leggings  11. HI-BEAM Leggings


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