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Local Buzz: The Los Angeles Flower District

LOCAL BUZZ: Join us in our ongoing Local Buzz feature, where each Friday we bring you the story on an exciting business or event neighboring us here in the ever-inspiring Los Angeles Fashion District. Today, hear the story on the Los Angeles Flower District

One of the favorite destinations in the LA Fashion District is the stretch of street along Wall, between 7th and 8th. Here you will find what is known as the Los Angeles Flower District. The Los Angeles Flower District is the largest flower market in the United States. The bright blooms and wholesale + retail options draw tourists, locals, floriculture professionals, event planners and more.

The Los Angeles Flower District has a surprisingly long history. A small population of Japanese American farmers got the whole operation started back in 1892 when they developed flower fields around the LA and Santa Monica neighborhoods. In 1913, these farmers began to sell their crops to the surrounding neighborhoods and beyond. Immigrant workers of all nationalities got their start on small parcels of land, eventually advancing into family businesses which have been passed since from generation to generation.

In the market’s early days, California was credited with supplying the whole nation with fresh cut flowers. However, around the 1960s, things began to change. Travel technology improved. California experienced urban development, threatening crop space for flowers. Demand and consequently competitors for selling flowers increased. In order to accommodate all of these changes, the Los Angeles Flower District had no choice but to import flowers from foreign growers. This inevitable shift, however, did not detract from Los Angeles’ domination of the flower market. Today, it is still the premiere resource and largest market for flowers in the US.

Trade professionals and wholesalers get early starts to their days – often 2AM – ensuring the freshest blooms. Later in the morning, the market opens to the public, who can pay $1 or $2 admission fees to browse and buy. Different weekends and holidays have different schedules, so if you are planning a trip to the Los Angeles Flower District, be sure to reference the market hours.


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