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Your Business is Priceless

Do you remember back around the early 2000s, when MasterCard had nearly a decade run of the infamous “Priceless” campaign? The commercials, of which there were over 160, would take viewers through a series of related expenses. For example, you would see a man purchasing “new shirt: $50,” “dinner: $100,” and “movie tickets: $30.” In the end, the expenses would all be “priceless,” however, because they resulted in an ideal outcome, such as “creating the perfect first date: priceless.”

We are thinking a similar sentiment can be applied to the business of running a boutique or online store. At the end of the day, when you get to do what you are passionate about, it is all worth it. Whether it is as simple as providing a customer with the exact fashion they were looking for, or supporting the local livelihood of your community, running your business is no doubt priceless.

However, this pricelessness comes at a cost. There are a myriad of expenses that all add up. The cost of inventory. Rent and property taxes on your building. Paychecks for your employees. Web and mobile development. We could go on and on, and we bet you can too. Scanning your Mastercard with a smile, as all the customers in the commercials seem to be doing, is not always the best route to take financially when it comes to these expenses. and OnDeck and OnDeck have an extremely helpful solution. If you match up with the criteria above, you could qualify for a new kind of small business loan from OnDeck. OnDeck has technology to analyze the health of your business rather than your personal credit, which results in them saying “yes” more often than other lenders. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and backing from Google Ventures, you can be sure OnDeck is a company you can trust. Their loan decision process takes minutes, and funding is available in as fast as a day.

Are you curious to see testimonials from small businesses who have partnered with OnDeck? These stories, along with contact information and further details about the and OnDeck partnershp are available here.

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