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LA Showroom Exclusive: Top 3 Reasons To Attend Fashion Trade Shows!

Fashion trade shows are important events that retailers, wholesalers, and buyers should consider attending at least once a year. During these exhibitions, insiders gain the opportunity to learn the direction that the fashion market is (or isn’t) heading in. According to Handshake, a premiere B2B digital channel, trade shows are a grand marketing opportunity that can boost brand awareness among retailers, give a targeted push to your sales, and provide you with ample opportunity to connect with what’s trending within the rest of the fashion industry.

The prime dissuading factor for not attending fashion trade shows often revolves around the added expenses. Although, it is safe to say that the benefits of exposure and fashion knowledge exceed the costs. In essence, the opportunity to gain experience and exposure happen with attendance. Since an enormous amount of fashion businesses are at one place at the same time, it’s the perfect chance to meet your market!

The fashion scene is in the midst of a comprehensive women’s & juniors trend showcase happening in Las Vegas, Nevada. MAGIC is the world’s largest fashion marketplace, comprised of eleven unique communities showcasing the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing. This week LA Showroom joins the retail industry as it convenes to get these latest trends.

Top 3 Reasons To Attend Fashion Trade Shows:

  1. GAIN: 
    • There is a myriad of fashion knowledge that you can gain by attending showcases like MAGIC. If you are a retailer, every trade show is an opportunity to expand your customer base. As a buyer, you have the selection from top vendors all within reach. It’s a good time to create a merchandising plan if you don’t already have one. And if you do, you have exposure to other designs you may not have seen otherwise. LA Showroom complements the entire purchasing process online with our wholesale marketplace.
  2. MEET:
    • At trade shows, you are mingling with some of the fashion industry’s top players. You could literally meet a significant contact at any moment! Preparedness is important. Carry around your business card and be ready to talk business. For buyers and retailers alike, it’s a matter of utilizing your time networking through each event, and if done correctly, you can leave a week long event with an array of valuable contacts that can help expand your growth.
    •  A brand new dress design, the latest in denim, a trending accessory. Whatever it may be, trade shows offer up infinite opportunities to discover a facet of fashion that you may not have heard of otherwise. LA Showroom buyers utilize the wholesale marketplace we provide online by saving their favorite vendors within their Wish List. In turn, the buying process is simplified. We also offer the opportunity to gain Buyers Reward Points for any wholesale purchase!

LAS Members Currently at MAGIC (August 15-17)

Cello Jeans

Delivers individuality and sense of style with the emphasis on fit. Their mission is to provide the right pair of jeans that are both flattering and stylish while naturally comfortable.

Cello Fashion Trade Shows at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Renee C.

Trendy contemporary designs and an unparalleled knack for unique prints combined with quality fabrics and stitching you can feel.

Renee C. Fashion Trade Shows at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace


Young contempo clothing with emphasis placed on quality, fit, and the colors of the season. 

Wishlist Fashion Trade Shows at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Timing / Lumière

Timing has a young and fun aesthetic with bright, colorful prints. Lumière stems from Timing and targets the juniors market. 

Timing & Lumiere Fashion Trade Shows at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace


The collection is mainly knit-driven with a heavy focus on lace, ruffles, crochet, sweater, and prints.
Mystree Fashion Trade Shows at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace



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