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Wardrobe Essentials for Women That Mean Business!

When marketing wardrobe essentials to business women, buyers should consider purchasing wholesale pieces that are capable of streamlining their morning routines. For example, a selection of polished blazers that can be dressed up or down. Statement pumps for when they’re ready to take over the world. And of course, a solid blouse for constructing a sharp business look. Whatever your merchandising plan requires, LA Showroom is the premier destination for purchasing an entire wholesale collection.

Marketing clothing to different niches is beneficial in attracting new customers. According to Ketchum, a marketing agency, today’s women have emerged as a more powerful consumer force than ever before:

Women control $3.3 trillion in consumer spending, are responsible for 80% of household buying, control more than 50% of the wealth in the U.S., and take more than 50% of all business trips.

It’s safe to say that the modern business woman is out to take over the world! As a wholesale buyer, your job is to navigate through a selection of endless fashion opportunities and construct style categories that are current and feature items that women are always searching for — business attire is a safe bet!  Our job at LA Showroom is to provide a seamless wholesale shopping experience by sharing helpful insights within the fashion world.

On that note, here are the Top 8 Wardrobe Essentials that buyers include into their inventory:

Pencil Skirt: A tailored pencil skirt offers a hemline that flatters legs the best. It can easily be sold as part of different looks within your current inventory.

Key Vendors: Fashion Avenue | Zenana | Wall Street Fashion

Skirts at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Wearable Pumps: Women feel totally confident when rocking a gorgeous high heel. A collection of pumps in neutral colors like black and nude are great options to include.

Key Vendors: Shuz Circuz | CJ Shoes | Shoe Click | 101 S Collection

Shoes at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Structured Handbags: Buyers interested in purchasing a structured tote bag design should first understand what it is and how it is different from other bags, such as purses. Larger handbags are a perfect alternative to an outdated briefcase. Include styles in your inventory that are durable and offer compartments, like the selection below.

Key Vendors: Suzie Bag | Melrose Styles | Isabella Chantel |

Handbags at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Basic Blouse: Selling the business look is incomplete without a plain, white blouse. Create a purchasing add-on for your customers by complementing these lightweight tops with camisoles.

Key Vendors: A Shappe | T- Party | Olivaceous

Blouses at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Ankle-Length Slacks: These are great women’s casual pants for work or around town.  Merchants can sell the look as both professional and stylish with these additions.

Key Vendors: MOD REF | Blu Pepper | Salt & Pepper

Slacks at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Sophisticated Blazers: This is a no-brainer item that should be included when selling a business professional look. It’s that last piece that makes the first impression.

Key Vendors: Available | ShopWTD | Cris & Cris

Blazers at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Day-To-Night Dress: Marketing transitional dresses are prime sellers. Women tend to shop for occasion-based outfits. Providing options that are business-friendly, as well, kills two birds with one shopping stone.

Key Vendors: Yuri | Julia | Unique Vintage | BLVD

Dresses at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Casual Friday Jeans: Businesses are known to relax their dress codes on Fridays. For working women, being called into an important meeting at the eleventh hour is always a possibility. Including jean trends that aren’t extremely casual, like the styles below, is key.

Key Vendors: Celebrity Pink Jeans | Sneak Peek

Jeans at LA Showroom Wholesale Marketplace

Buyers Tip: Registering on LA Showroom today (for FREE!) will provide you a leading tool in purchasing wholesale. New styles of wholesale fashion apparel are updated daily from premier manufacturers & distributors in the industry!

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