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Increase Your Back to School Sales | New Accessories!

Need a boost in your back to school sales? Help your customers head back to school in style with the hottest trends for 2017. LA Showroom is the premier outlet for retailers in search of wholesale backpacks, accessories, and clothing.

Stocking up from a variety of wholesale vendors has never been easier! With our helpful order consolidation feature, buyers have the convenience of combining multiple orders into a consolidated order shipment via Order consolidation is a FREE feature that helps our buyers save on individual shipping charges.

Increase your back to school sales by incorporating trending items for your target demographic and be sure to upsell and cross sell your merchandise. Market items that complete each other, like a backpack and school supplies. Attempt by making a more profitable sale by cross-selling accessories and glasses at the register. Check out our wholesale collection below!

New Accessories at LA Showroom: Back to School Sales

Back to School Sales | New Accessories Wholesale at LA Showroom

Shop Wholesale Accessories: 

UrbanistaOcean & LandZohra ApparelLA Jewelry Plaza

Back to School Sales | New Backpacks Wholesale at LA Showroom

Shop Wholesale Backpacks:

Zohra ApparelUrbanistaWOW Fashion Trading – JUST1FASHION AnZell Bella Chic

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“Increase Your Back to School Sales | New Accessories!”

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