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Happy Boxing Day! While this is not an official holiday in the United States, in many countries it is recognized as a national day of. While the origin of the name is a little unclear, it was a day where employees would receive a “Christmas box” from their employees as a thank you for their service – similar to a holiday bonus that some companies may offer today.

In the places where Boxing Day is celebrated, it is a huge shopping holiday much like Black Friday. Retailers in the UK open in the wee hours of the morning, offering doorbuster deals and extreme markdowns. US retailers have started jumping on the bandwagon with this shopping movement. Recognizing that many customers are eager to spend their holiday gift cards, they offer closeout deals and end-of-year clearance.

However, your customers are not the only ones who should get to take advantage of sales. Therefore, we wanted to direct you to the section of our website that we offer discount wholesale clothes on. If you are not already aware, has an “ON SALE” section. While each vendor has a sale section in their storefront for their own discount wholesale clothes, in this overall department you will find all the sale selections from all applicable vendors. Various percentage discounts have been deducted from each of these styles. If you are looking to create a sale section within your store without drastically hurting your margins, consider some of these discount wholesale clothes. A sale is a great way to entice customers throughout the beginning of the year when retail sales volumes are typically lower.

Would you believe that our sale section currently has over ten thousand styles of discount wholesale clothes in it? Pretty incredible, right? Our editors have done some of the work to narrow it down for you, choosing some of the top selections. You can find more information about these discount wholesale clothes by visiting the corresponding links.

discount-wholesale-clothing1. Just Label Dress      2. Faisca Skirt      3. Janet Paris Sweater      4. Daniel Jeans Sweater      5. Imagenation / Fina Fina Blazer      6. Comme Toi Skirt      7. Runway Paris Blouse      8. K + Glam Set      9. Clara Story Dress

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