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There are many benefits of using LA Showroom as your primary resource for purchasing wholesale fashion. We have a Buyer’s Club where we offer rewards to our members. With order consolidation, your items from different members can be sent in one convenient shipment. Another benefit? There are certain vendors that are part of LAS whose products are not available anywhere else. These we call our Exclusive Members, and each month, we highlight a handful of them for you to get to know. 


If you are interested in purchasing wholesale fashion that you cannot find anywhere else, one member to start with would be Estam. This manufacturer is a great resource for dresses, tops, jumpsuits and rompers, shorts and bottoms. Their selection is highly affordable, yet also of good quality. These are beautiful junior styles for the girl who is not going to play it safe when it comes to fashion. Estam participates in our image download, order consolidation and online payment programs. 


When it comes to purchasing wholesale fashion from Everly, you will find high quality, highly feminine designs that are simple yet stylish. Their tops and dresses are high quality items that fit well on the body, and will fit well into the wardrobe of the women you sell to. These easy to wear items are offered in an array of colors that provides something for everyone. Everly participates in our image download and order consolidation programs. 

Fiesta Fashion

All eyes in the room will be on the women wearing Fiesta’s special occasion dresses. This member offers gorgeous gowns for women that find themselves needing one of the following dresses: prom, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, quinceanera, evening and bridal. From risque to modest, they provide a range of different styles to meet the needs of your customers. Fiesta Fashion participates in our order consolidation program. 

Fashion Avenue 


Purchasing wholesale fashion from Fashion Avenue is a great idea if your customer is a working woman. These styles consist of blazers, pencil skirts, slacks, vests and other women’s items that would be worn in business environments. Pops of colors keep them from being stale. Fashion Avenue participates in our image download and order consolidation programs. 

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