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Interpreting Cotton Incorporated’s F/W 2014-2015 Trends: Improv

This week we are excited to share the fourth of five trends from Cotton Incorporated’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 color card. The trend is titled Improv. The premise behind this Improv is all about living unscripted and enjoying the essence of spontaneous situations, events and thought processes. Relishing in the idea of random discovery, the Improv color palette combines warm pastels and aquatic blues with deep purple and dark mustard, creating an interactive palette to delight the senses. Scroll down to see the Improv colors come alive on the great fall and winter fashions that are currently available from the wholesale clothes suppliers here at LA Showroom.



Our selection of on-trend color items begins with Marine Blue, the first of today’s featured wholesale clothes suppliers. The women’s wear manufacturer is offering a number of Improv related fashions including a sheer button-down with embellished pockets in the dark teal shade, Arctic Night.  Next up are two fantastic styles from Umgee USA, one of our most popular wholesale clothes suppliers. We begin with a cage knit sweater in the cool shade, Icicle blue.  Also from Umgee, the blazer and skort combo in a key women’s wear color of the season, Purple Sapphire. While this shade is stunning for the dress category, Umgee makes a statement by pairing the bold hue with a crisp white t-shirt, looking modern and sophisticated. Their practical ¾ sleeve blazer pops in the statement shade and the two pocket skort with asymmetrical hem is great worn alone, but even better as a set. For a touch of whimsy, the pastel color, Violet Candy, matches perfectly with the cut-out stars on the crop top from Free Culture.

Improv 2


Moving on to the the deep purple shade, Bittersweet, the matching belt and knit dress from Cura will create the perfect fall vibe when worn with dark tights and boots.  Our last three selections from our wholesale clothes suppliers showcase not only fall/winter colors but also texture. Janet Paris is offering a unique, layered look with their Unbleached crème colored sweater with chiffon hem. Gilli has a duo fabric dress with a plaid, a-line skirt and Ginger colored top.  Lastly, Vanilla Bay adds a hint a shimmer with sequins embellished sleeves on their Arctic Night teal tunic.

Check back next Thursday as we reveal the final trend from Cotton Incorporated’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 color card and select the on-trend styles from LA Showroom’s wholesale clothes suppliers.

Additional items from our wholesale clothes suppliers that channel the Improv color palette:

improv 3

1. Marine Blu Blouse      2. Umgee USA Blouse      3. Blazer and Skirt Set      4. Free Culture Blouse      5. Cura Dress      6. Janet Paris Sweater      7. Gilli Dress      8. Vanilla Bay Blouse      9. Cura Dress     10. Entro USA Blouse     11. Umgee USA Skirt     12. Creme Cardigan     13. Entro USA Dress     14. Timing Blouse     15. Avital Dress     16. Marine Blu Blouse     17. Taboga Sweater     18. Cura Maxi Dress     19. Marine Blu Blouse     20. Creme Blouse


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