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Our Kids Clothing Wholesale For Halloween

Yesterday, we brought you wholesale fashion apparel featuring skulls. This was a way for adults to participate in festive fall fashion. Today, we have kids clothing wholesale for Halloween. If you own a boutique that sells children’s apparel, you won’t want to let this niche selling opportunity pass you by.

According to statistics related to Halloween market activity, as of several years ago an estimated 93% of children participated in trick-or-treating. In terms of sales, this equates to upwards of $1.21 billion dollars on Halloween costumes for adults, and $1 billion on children’s Halloween costumes. These numbers were part of a rising trend.


What was the top costume of choice for children? The answer is princess. When it comes to kids clothing wholesale, LA Showroom has plenty of dresses which qualify as princess dresses. In our selection of girl dresses and evening gowns alone there are nearly 2,000 styles to choose from. In addition to princess dresses, our kids clothing wholesale features a variety of adorable bug costumes, complete with wire wings such as the ones featured above.

For the younger children who may find costumes fussy, we have options like the onesies below. American flag or leopard print hint and costumes without being too elaborate. The item on the far left features pumpkins, ghosts and other Halloween symbols in its print.


These festive onesies and items like princess dresses are not just limited to the Halloween selling season. Leftover princess dress stock that you purchase from our kids clothing wholesale can be marketed as holiday dresses and sold for the remainder of the year even after Halloween has come and gone.

All of the items featured are courtesy of our kids clothing wholesale vendor Cinderella Couture. However, we encourage you to be creative and browse our entire selection of wholesale clothing for children. Share your favorite finds with us in the comments below. And, don’t miss our Pinterest Boards for Halloween and Skull Style for an ever-growing collection of seasonal inspiration.

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