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American Manufacturing

American apparel manufacturing has been in the news in recent months. There is an increasing demand for made in the USA clothing wholesale. More customers are buying American made goods, and retailers want to compete. In the beginning of 2013, Walmart announced that over the next decade it would be boosting its sourcing of made in the USA products by $50 billion. As the nation’s largest retailer this has set the stage for other chain and department stores. The demands are being felt by small business retailers as well.

Why are consumers suddenly shifting to American made products? Some argue that the Great Recession’s spike in unemployment spurred a general awareness for consumers. Their concern became how they could help create and maintain jobs here in the United States. One major way this can be done is to shift the amount of overseas apparel manufacturing, hence a demand for made in the USA clothing wholesale.

USA Clothing Wholesale at Timing

made-in-usa-clothing-wholesaleIf you, as a buyer, are seeking to shop for made in USA clothing wholesale, consider the selection from our vendor Timing. Located here in Southern California, their clothing is proudly made in the United States. In fact, their product images, which are available through our Image Download Program, even contain a sticker of proof. If your customers are interested in supporting the local economy, they will no doubt be swayed by this sticker and what it represents.

The fact that they are made in the USA clothing wholesale is not the only benefit of Timing. With over 600 styles to choose from, there is no shortage of variety. They follow all of the latest trends and provide frequent updates. Timing is one of our vendors to frequent trade shows most often. Despite being high quality and high fashion, their USA clothing wholesale prices are very reasonable all things considered. Plus, if you have not yet ordered from Timing, they are currently running a new customer discount for 10% off, along with free ground shipping on orders over $300.

What are your thoughts on American manufacturing versus overseas manufacturing, and how it impacts the apparel industry? Share them with us in a comment below.


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“Shop Made in the USA Clothing Wholesale”
  • I do not know if they changed their inventory but I am having a hard time finding Made in the USA with their clothing selections. We are launching our store with only made in the USA clothing and would like to know are there other companies that could help fill our inventory

    • Hi there, Joanne. Thank you for reaching out. This post was originally published in September of 2014, which may mean that the selections featured here are no longer available. However, if you go directly to the storefront for Timing ( you will see that they currently have hundreds and hundreds of other and different styles of USA made clothing. Are you a registered buyer on our platform? Other members, such as Emerald Collection and Profile also have clothing that is made here, so it is worth your while to sign up so that you can further explore and purchase from our members. You can begin that process here: Thanks!

    • Hi there Martha,

      We are an online-only platform. While our headquarters are in LA, we are closed to the general public. Our merchandise is not on-site. Thank you.

  • I am the buyer here at Sgt Grit Inc and we are a direct Licensee of the Marine Corps Trademark Office. We are very interested in your line that is manufactured in the USA. Because we are a Licensee we must comply with all rules and regulations of the Marine Corps. One of which is making sure we are not getting any products from places where the country of origin is on the Department of Labor list flagged for forced labor and child labor. This means China, India, Pakistan and a long list of others are out. Licensing is actually pushing for more USA Made items. Please point me in the right direction to the person who would handle this. I would need a few more questions answered. We are a retail/online/catalog company and we are leaders in this particular market. We only cater to the Marine Corps and no other branch of military. is our website. And our mail order catalog hit over 2 million in distribution last year and growing each year. Please send any info and a point of contact so that I may discuss this matter more in depth. Thank you.

    • Hello there Cherea,

      Thank you for your detailed comment and your affiliation to those who serve our country. We would love to assist you in any way we can. The country of origin varies from vendor to vendor, and we represent several hundred different suppliers. However, there are definitely vendors such as Timing that do offer Made in the USA clothing. For more information, please reach out to our customer service line at 213-627-0339.

      LA Showroom

  • Our store also has only made in the USA clothing. I have had good luck finding things with Zen Spell, Cezanne, Judy Blue, Yummy Plus and Pollianna Plus. I love that LA Showroom has the advanced search feature that lets me filter by USA made. I do wish that feature was available on the sale page. It may be, but if so I haven’t found it. Thank you for making my job easier! Finding USA made was a nightmare until I joined LA Showroom!

    • We are so glad to hear your story, Amanda! Thank you for doing business with us. When using the Advanced Search filter, you can select the Domestic box for Item Origin as you have been doing. Further, if you look at the line below, where it says Specials, you can also check the box for Sale. We just tested it out and found that there are currently 767 Made In USA Sale Items. Hopefully this simplifies things even further for you! Have a great weekend.

    • Hi there Joyce,

      Thanks for reaching out. What an exciting time for you as you open your boutique. In order to purchase wholesale from LA Showroom, you must be a registered buyer. The registration process consists of a form and document upload, which is simple and free. You can complete that process here: If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Buyer Support line at 213-627-0339.

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