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Wholesale Fashion For Your Customers’ December Wish List

Are you a registered member? Then you no doubt have been seeing our editorial newsletters come through. This week, we gave you some insight into the wholesale fashion that corresponds to what your customers have on their December Wish Lists. As we sit right in the thick of the holiday shopping season currently, your customers are no doubt putting much time and effort into shopping for their friends and family. However, they deserve to be treated to a little something they want as well! You have the power to provide them with it, and we have the wholesale fashion styles to provide you with.

Looking at the image below we have divided the wholesale fashion into three easy to shop categories. Data from our analysts suggests that three incredibly strong selling points right now are peplums, vests and faux leather.


Peplums flatter a wide variety of silhouettes. They are simultaneously youthful and flirty, yet mature and fashion forward. For the more mature woman’s December wishlist, item 3 by Solar makes sense. The zipper accent on Shop WTD’s wholesale fashion blouse lends it more appropriate to an edgy, fashion forward junior. Another major category of focus likely on your customer’s December wishlist are vests. See popular options from Eunishop and Olivaceous, and do not miss this great article on the merit of wholesale vests for women. Lastly, we have faux leather. Whether it is the main textile utilized or simply an accent, these looks appear upscale without breaking the bank.

Purchase these wholesale fashion items now. As your customers move through the giving season and are not met with everything they are seeking, you can fulfill the rest of their wish list. Shop the corresponding links below.

1. Demore Dress      2. Shop WTD Blouse      3. Solar Blouse     4. Eunishop Vest      5. Olivaceous Vest      6. Eunishop Vest      7. Sexy Diva Maxi Skirt      8. Shop WTD Top      9. Sexy Diva Hi-Lo Skirt

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