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LA Showroom’s Wholesale Juniors Holiday Gift Ideas

With just one month until Black Friday, the holiday shopping season is about to be underway in a big way – if it is not already. More than half of consumers in a recent Think With Google survey said they would start planning before Thanksgiving. Is your store prepared? Join us in the next few weeks as we take you through some holiday gift ideas from our showroom for all different consumers. First up today, we have wholesale juniors holiday gift ideas. 

Wholesale Juniors Holiday Gift Ideas


Two items we recommend in terms of wholesale juniors apparel for holiday gifts: graphic T-shirts, and leggings. Our graphic T-shirts often symbolize and feature pop culture phenomenons that the juniors market is very tuned into. Social media, musical artists and related lifestyle vernacular are emblazoned on many of our graphic T-shirts. Therefore, juniors will strongly relate to these T-shirts and enjoy them as a gift. Both leggings and graphic T-shirts are accommodating in fit. They do not require exact individual proportions as some gifts may. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive. There is much variety for each. If the recipient is not particularly enthused but feels compelled to keep the gift in the interest of politeness, they can find use for graphic T-shirts and leggings around the house, for sleeping in, at the gym and a variety of casual occasions


It would almost be difficult to look at our accessories selection and not find suitable wholesale juniors holiday gift ideas. From iPhone accessories to cosmetics to socks and hosiery the options are endless. Accessories are still personal and appreciated like clothing. However, the recipient is likely to be less picky and particular about accessories than clothing. We have accessories to fit every budget. They double as stocking stuffers and last minute gifts for party hosts or the people who always seem to miss being included on the list.

What are you purchasing in terms of wholesale juniors gifts for the holiday season? If you have any ideas we may have missed be sure to leave a comment below.

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