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Ways to Wear: Metallic Fashion!

It’s time for retailers to embrace the metallic fashion trend with the latest designs that incorporate glimmering new hues for the fall and winter season. has gathered a shining new batch of fashion looks for the edge, contempo, and accessories market — all beaming with silver and gold textiles. Stock shiny metallics in the forms of crystal embellishments, gleaming speckles, and sequins galore. Take a look at our round up of the best metallic items on our online wholesale marketplace 😊

Metallic Fashion | New Arrivals at

ANGIE | Metallic Fashion at


POL | Metallic Fashion at


Sole Mio #I7J1690

Miss Love | Metallic Fashion at

Miss Love #T31792

Victoria Fashion | Metallic Fashion at

VictoriaFashion #EN-ARA-328

WOW Couture | Metallic Fashion at

WOW Couture #B4028

Andrea Bijoux | Metallic Fashion at

Andrea Bijoux #156353

She + Sky | Metallic Fashion at

She + Sky #SL5878

Julia | Metallic Fashion at

Julia #ST062-A

Miss California | Metallic Fashion at

Miss California #A8218

Bag Boutique | Metallic Fashion at

Bag Boutique #BZ87480

Honey Punch | Metallic Fashion at

Honey Punch #7IT2642H

K TOO | Metallic Fashion at

K TOO #ND3454

LA Society | Metallic Fashion at

LA Society #6015

Umgee USA | Metallic Fashion at

Umgee USA #A3618

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