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Chic Outerwear Trends by Entro Clothing

It’s time to start thinking about the upcoming season and which fashion trends are expected for the fall. Entro Clothing is now showcasing a dynamic new outerwear collection that includes the latest coats, vests, cardigans, jackets, and sweater designs. Depending on your climate, retailers may want to choose one of the more practical options like a puffer vest or one of the more mild-weather-appropriate options like a sweater with a

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Wholesale Fashion Trends: Pretty in Pleats!

LA Showroom is your number one source for the best new wholesale fashion trends. We’re aiming to keep you updated on style trends you should be stocking for your store! Trendsetters have embraced the pleats trend, and it’s definitely one style that you should not miss. There’s no denying that accordion-style pleats are making a statement this springtime. Fashion designers are incorporating this trend into a variety of wardrobe staples

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Print Play: Lovely Wholesale Dresses by Entro

Lovely wholesale dresses by Entro are now available for Spring and Summer at LA Showroom! Festival season is around the corner and retailers are preparing their inventory with styles that fashionistas will be searching for during the next few months. The latest trends in fashion emerge from music festivals from around the world. Although popular trends may be predictable at this point,  it definitely doesn’t make styling any less fun! With events

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Friday Favorites: Most Popular Wholesale Clothing

LA Showroom Buyer’s Lounge is a great resource for fashion buyers to browse the most popular wholesale clothing designs available within the industry. We aim to provide you with a curated guide of all things trending in fashion! Every day we get the scoop on the best New Arrivals and top-selling styles from hundreds of manufacturers and distributors within the industry. As a bonus, a new week at LA Showroom’s wholesale

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