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Stock for Holiday | After Market’s HUGE SALE

Merchandising for the holidays is in full swing at LA Showroom! Fashion buyers are stocking up on holiday essentials like outerwear, dresses, and trending looks perfect for gifting! After Market is a manufacturer that is currently offering special Black Friday sale prices on their merchandise just in time for you to stock your store! After Market is a brand that gains inspiration from the everyday fashions of women from all over the world.

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Stock for Holiday: New Wholesale Clothing!

As the holidays near, LA Showroom is committed to providing our fashion buyers an abundance of new wholesale clothing options for their inventory. We’re welcoming these fabulous new manufacturers and distributors to our online wholesale marketplace! BSNN Chocolate USA Balboa Fashion  Forever Trendy American Age Fashion buyers are setting up their retail plans to align with the upcoming holiday season. Stock up now and make sure to visit LA Showroom’s ‘Specials’

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The Best-Selling Six | FALL 2016 TRENDS

It’s no secret that LA Showroom is the leading destination for fashion buyers when it comes to the most popular wholesale merchandise in tune with the season. As a retailer, the holiday months are undoubtedly a critical time to close out the fourth quarter strong while increasing sales. LA Showroom is here to support your year-end growth goals by providing you with the most valued products. Retailers big and small have

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Dallas Market: Apparel & Accessories Show Recap!

The mood was upbeat at the Dallas Market Apparel & Accessories show last week!  Fashion buyers directed their attention towards the events within the Dallas Market Center to discover thousands of women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear lines in numerous categories. This particular trade show provided those within the fashion industry an opportunity to uncover a wide range of temporary apparel and accessories exhibitors ready to supply businesses with the latest

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Best Online Wholesale Showroom New Arrivals

As another week rolls on, our online wholesale showroom refreshes its collection to display a fresh new batch of products up for grabs! LA Showroom is a premier outlet for the best wholesale fashion, accessory, and footwear manufacturers and distributors. Check out this week’s brand new members! Abellaus Browse Abellaus’ extensive selection of makeup and cosmetic products. The high-quality items range from a variety of makeup tools and brushes to affordable lipsticks,

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Cozy Knits & Sweaters

As the temperatures start to take a dip towards the cooler side, the most popular purchases at LA Showroom is proving to be wholesale sweaters and fabulous knits.  Given the fashion industry’s fast-paced movement, it is crucial that fashion buyers jump on the opportunity to stock their inventory with the most coveted designs. Cozy knits and sweater trends this season are evoking a casually, relaxed demeanor. The designs featured from Rachel

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*NEW EDGE ARRIVALS* Fashion Clothing Wholesale at LA Showroom

Fashion clothing wholesale opportunities are always available at! We’re in the business of providing a seamless purchasing channel for all of your wholesale needs. From contemporary styles to the latest in supreme edge trends, we’re constantly updating our collections so that you are up to speed with your fashion competition. Stay relevant on current market trends with our freshest wholesale fashions. The retail landscape continues far beyond your average in-store

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