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Trend Watching: Wholesale Wrap Dress + Knee High Boots

Trend watching for springtime fashion tends to be a bit unpredictable. Since the weather often fluctuates from rain to shine in just a few days, there’s no limit as to what styles should dominate within your store’s spring inventory. Trend forecasters at LA Showroom aim to guide you through the season’s most wearable wrap-around looks. During this time, versatile closet staples are a must! Retailers are currently updating their stock with favorite wrap dresses

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Festival Fashion Headliners: Honey Punch Wholesale Bottoms

At LA Showroom, the Honey Punch wholesale collection aims incorporate the best festival fashion bottoms into your store this spring! Whether it’s a free flowing skirt, pants that flare to perfection, or shorts that wholly completes the crop top combo, Honey Punch has what you’re looking for on our online wholesale marketplace. As a women’s apparel wholesale and manufacturing company, Honey Punch is recognized for their top-notch attention-to-detail and quality

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Style Report: Duster Fashion at LA Showroom!

If you’re in the business of keeping modern fashion trends in stock for your customers, you may have already noticed an increase in popularity of long, flowing outerwear pieces. Duster fashion, otherwise known as a light, loose-fitting long coat, aims to complete various looks this upcoming season. This fashionista approved piece is a great style to incorporate into your spring and summer collections. Retailers can market this staple easily since

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Beauty and the Bralette | Wholesale Lingerie

Like fashion apparel, the wholesale lingerie industry is constantly developing new and improved variations of classic designs that are all available LA Showroom! This upcoming season, the bralette trend is sure to be a top choice with junior and women shoppers. Within the past few months, the bralette design has skyrocketed in popularity with the rise of athleisure fashions. The bralette, a lightweight, feminine take on the bra, is often embellished with lace

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The Snuggle is Real | Outerwear by Honey Punch Clothing

Honey Punch clothing is setting your store up with the best coats and outerwear trends of the season. Provide your customers with a stylish dose of snuggle-able designs that are sure to upgrade your winter inventory. Visit their LA Showroom store to stock up on wholesale outerwear essentials! As a women’s wholesale clothing manufacturing company, Honey Punch is recognized for its high-quality apparel and accommodations to client needs. This particular manufacturer

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Compete for Sales in the Back to School Fashion Season

The back to school fashion period is upon us! For retailers, that means gearing up for an opportunity to increase sales for the upcoming Fall season. Luckily, stores have the nearing Labor Day holiday (September 5) to push new back to school sales in motion. According to data obtained from Bizrate Insights, it shows that more than half of consumers will kick off their back-to-school shopping between early to mid-August. LA

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