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Valentine’s Day Jewelry & Fashion Trends!

It’s time to stock up on Valentine’s Day jewelry and fashions from LA Showroom! We’ve got the latest jewelry picks and apparel designs in shades of red and pink that’s sure to add a festive touch to your inventory this upcoming holiday. Regarded as the annual celebration of love, Valentine’s Day hits us again in a little over two weeks — mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 14. Many shoppers

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New Wholesale Members & SALES at LAS!

With all the excitement that surrounds the new year, fashion consumers are on the prowl for a fresh wardrobe haul! The “out with the old and in with the new” mentality is in full effect and LA Showroom is here to make sure you get the scoop on new wholesale deals available now. It’s time to start stocking up on the styles that customers are looking for. The good news is

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Jewelry Trends: Fall/Winter Wholesale Essentials

If you meticulously watch out for the latest fashion jewelry trends, you are often introduced to all the innovations relating to women’s jewelry pieces on a cyclical basis. Of course, the fashion game is constantly evolving. Styles that are popular during Spring and Summer are usually different from the new looks that come around during the Fall and Winter time. From bold crystal chains to delicate earrings and bracelets, Fall/Winter

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