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Style Report: Duster Fashion at LA Showroom!

If you’re in the business of keeping modern fashion trends in stock for your customers, you may have already noticed an increase in popularity of long, flowing outerwear pieces. Duster fashion, otherwise known as a light, loose-fitting long coat, aims to complete various looks this upcoming season. This fashionista approved piece is a great style to incorporate into your spring and summer collections. Retailers can market this staple easily since

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Experiment With Color! New Wholesale Women’s Apparel

LA Showroom’s wholesale women’s apparel marketplace transcends all seasons. For fashion buyers, our online marketplace is a reliable tool in purchasing clothing or accessories for your business with unparalleled ease. Now is the time to incorporate colorful items within your store! Help your customers expand their wardrobe horizons by introducing pops of color into the mix. Retailers are expecting to showcase a wave of new color combinations in the coming

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Fast Contemporary Fashion: Style Up with Le Lis

Last year, fast contemporary fashion saw an increase in popularity within the industry with more and more retailers stocking up on designs that mirrored the latest trends seen walking across the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York. Clothing manufacturers are constantly making small batches of new merchandise and making them available on a daily or weekly basis at LA Showroom’s online wholesale marketplace. According to Racked, a source for fashion, shopping,

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