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Trend Watching: Wholesale Wrap Dress + Knee High Boots

Trend watching for springtime fashion tends to be a bit unpredictable. Since the weather often fluctuates from rain to shine in just a few days, there’s no limit as to what styles should dominate within your store’s spring inventory. Trend forecasters at LA Showroom aim to guide you through the season’s most wearable wrap-around looks. During this time, versatile closet staples are a must! Retailers are currently updating their stock with favorite wrap dresses

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Trend Alert: It’s All About Wholesale Hoodies

Good quality basics are a staple in any wardrobe! Wholesale hoodies is a popular trending item at LA Showroom for retailers this season. Fashionistas and celebrities alike have been spotted layering t-shirts and blouses under this traditional outerwear piece. When transitioning into a new season, it’s easy to overlook classic looks and go straight for the bold fad fashions. Sweaters are fantastic additions to any inventory whether it be junior, young

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