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Spring Fashion Trend Tracker: January 2017

LA Showroom is your dedicated source for wholesale fashion industry news. This month, we’re setting you up for spring fashion must haves! The style forecast this upcoming season is dynamic and trend-setting. From Valentine’s Day essentials to the latest pre-order ready designs, we aim to loop you in with great purchasing tips specially curated by our editors. If you missed any of January’s great features, we’ve revisited them below!   Pre-Order Wholesale Spring

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Experiment With Color! New Wholesale Women’s Apparel

LA Showroom’s wholesale women’s apparel marketplace transcends all seasons. For fashion buyers, our online marketplace is a reliable tool in purchasing clothing or accessories for your business with unparalleled ease. Now is the time to incorporate colorful items within your store! Help your customers expand their wardrobe horizons by introducing pops of color into the mix. Retailers are expecting to showcase a wave of new color combinations in the coming

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Ocean & Land Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses

Determining the needs of your customers is a great way to get a head start on what items to keep within your store. Selling sunglasses is a lucrative opportunity for many retailers since the sun shines all year long! LA Showroom offers a variety of wholesale fashion sunglasses providers to fit a variety of retail needs. We’re shining the light on Ocean & Land, a wholesale sunglasses distributor that provides

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Looks We Love: The 4 Coveted Eyewear Trends

Let’s talk eyewear. LA Showroom is the leading marketplace for wholesale sunglasses vendors! Finding the right selection to market within your store often involves seasonal planning and trend research. One minute the funky blue lenses sweep across the runways. Then, you flip the through the television and see the classic aviator style on just about everyone. The trends can be fleeting, but, there is a sure set of four categories that encompasses

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