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Oddi Clothing Blossoms This Spring!

Liven up your customer’s wardrobes with the latest floral designs for wholesale by Oddi Clothing. Oddi is a young contemporary manufacturer of women’s apparel that consists of bohemian and vintage-inspired styles. Stock your store’s collection with brand new outerwear, bottoms, tops, and dresses. Oddi Clothing is showcasing key floral trends that will continue to increase in popularity as the summer months draw near. Simple flower prints and off-the-shoulder designs embody

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Experiment With Color! New Wholesale Women’s Apparel

LA Showroom’s wholesale women’s apparel marketplace transcends all seasons. For fashion buyers, our online marketplace is a reliable tool in purchasing clothing or accessories for your business with unparalleled ease. Now is the time to incorporate colorful items within your store! Help your customers expand their wardrobe horizons by introducing pops of color into the mix. Retailers are expecting to showcase a wave of new color combinations in the coming

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