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2015 Holiday Shopping Dates of Note

While holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive at the same time every year, each winter season brings with it an array of other important dates of note for retailers. Check out our holiday calendar for an overview of these 2015 holiday shopping dates of note, and start preparing your inventory with a look at some of our most recent New Arrivals.

Saturday, October 31st: Halloween
The first of our 2015 holiday shopping dates to note is Halloween, which happens in just over two weeks. While at this point, you should have already done your wholesale Halloween shopping, we still list it as an important date because once Halloween is out of the way, the focus is fully on the Christmas season.

Thursday, November 26th: Thanksgiving
Next in our 2015 holiday shopping dates is Thanksgiving, which falls on the last Thursday of November. While Thanksgiving used to be a date where most every retailer was closed, these days, more and more stores are choosing to be open. For example, for 2015, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, Toys R Us, JCPenny, Kohls and Sears (among many more) have already announced Thanksgiving Day store hours. As a retailer, you will have to decide what will be best for your business on this holiday.

Friday, November 27th: Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, however, is the one day of the year where you will want to guarantee that you are open. Black Friday is known as the biggest shopping day of the entire year. Major deals, extended hours and exciting incentives are just some of the many tricks retailers use to draw in shoppers on this day. It is definitely one of the 2015 holiday shopping dates you will want to put the most thought and planning into.

Monday, November 30th: Cyber Monday
For e-Commerce, the biggest and best selling day is the Monday after Thanksgiving, known as Cyber Monday. Special online deals, email coupons, free shipping and other incentives are all things to consider as an online retailer when it comes to Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is impressive in the exponential sales growth it sees each and every year since it first began a decade ago.

Monday, December 14th: Green Monday
e-Bay is credited with inventing the term Green Monday, due to their best sales day of December which was typically on the second Monday of December. It is also known as the last Monday of December that is at least 10 days before Christmas. Time is starting to run out before the holidays, especially when shipping considerations are factored in, so it is generally an extremely profitable day for retailers.

Saturday, December 19th: Super Saturday
Super Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas, a day on which many are out completing their shopping trips while they have a little more free time than the work week offers. If you are a brick-and-mortar store, staff levels are an important consideration on this day.

Monday, December 21st: Free Shipping Day
Free Shipping Day is the third Monday of December, and was created in order to extend the life of the online shopping holiday season. Many people abandon online shopping halfway through the month, fearing unreliable shipping. Free Shipping Day is an optional event for retailers who want to offer free shipping on items with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

Thursday, December 24th: Christmas Eve
There are shoppers who do leave their errands until the final day before Christmas. Many retailers choose to open early and close early on this day. The amount of foot traffic you get on Christmas Eve could be a play-it-by-ear factor for your business.

Friday, December 25th: Christmas Day
In terms of 2015 holiday shopping dates, Christmas Day is a day to breathe easy, rest and relax before the post-Christmas sale frenzy begins. This is a day when most retailers are typically closed.

Saturday, December 26th: Boxing Day
Boxing Day, or the day after Christmas, is steadily growing into the beginning of what is called Boxing Week. After Christmas sales rage as consumers take advantage of in-store and online deals, helping retailers clear excess holiday inventory.

Thursday, December 31st: New Year’s Eve
For 2015 holiday shopping dates, New Year’s Eve represents the last day of Q4 when it comes to our important holiday shopping dates of note. This is the last opportunity for retailers to pull in sales for the year, enticing customers who have saved their New Year’s Eve outfit shopping for the last minute.

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