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LA Showroom Buyer Rewards: A Wholesale Loyalty Program

As a retailer, you probably understand the importance of having a loyalty program or rewards system for your customers. After all, these programs help encourage new customers, prompt additional spending, provide great opportunities for marketing, and promote customer retention and repeat purchasing.

However, retail customers are not the only ones who should be able to take advantage of rewards programs. As a retail buyer, you also deserve to get rewarded for shopping. This is why we have developed a kind of wholesale loyalty program with the LAShowroom Buyer Rewards Network.

Our wholesale loyalty program is made possible by our network of particular vendors who all offer certain percentages of purchases back as points that can later be redeemed. This network consists of both wholesale manufacturers and distributors. For example, here is a look at a randomly selected grouping of a few of our wholesale loyalty program vendor participants.

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Coveted Clothing

Cozy Casual

Deana USA



DNA Couture

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Hem & Thread

Hot & Trendy




Ya Los Angeles


In order to get an idea of the various promotions each store offers, as these promotions do differ between store fronts, click here. One tip that we recommend is that after finding vendors in this list whose products align with your store’s aesthetic, you can add these stores to your favorites. Next time you go to shop, filter solely by “favorite.” This way you can guarantee you are shopping with members who offer reward for your purchases.

Your reward status as a buyer is tracked in the “My Account” page. After you have logged in, click the tab on the right that says “Reward Status.” This will show you a summary of your earnings, as well as when you have redeemed rewards previously.

If you have any questions about our wholesale loyalty program, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service department by visiting our contact page.

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