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Center Stage: Apparel For Women Wholesale

Are you seeking out new apparel for women wholesale for your store, but are not sure which of our LAS members to start with? This is why each month, LA Showroom spotlights different members. With our Center Stage monthly feature, we highlight five different members that you may be interested in purchasing from. Read on to see what November has to offer in terms of discovering apparel for women wholesale from LAS.

Ark & Co

apparel-for-women-wholesale Ark & Co is our first Center Stage member for November. As we move into the holidays, this is a great member to keep in mind, as they contain many different party dresses and fancier looks in terms of apparel for women wholesale. Casual and formal occasions are both satisfied with Ark & Co. Their high quality, fashion forward styles are always well received by customers. Ark & Co participates in our image download and order consolidation programs.

Catch Me

apparel-for-women-wholesale Catch Me’s selection is equally quality, just with a different aesthetic. Their apparel for women wholesale options are more basic, featuring a lot of neutrals, earth tones, and over-sized silhouettes. Florals and paisleys are popular prints at Catch Me. This member participates in our image download program.

High Secret Apparel

apparel-for-women-wholesale High Secret Apparel offers a contemporary collection full of cardigans, sweaters and other knitwear. Shorts, skirts, tops and dresses are found as well. These conservative yet cute looks are perfect for buyers seeking missy apparel for women wholesale. High Secret Apparel is an LAS Exclusive Member, and participates in our image download and buyer rewards programs.


apparel-for-women-wholesale Labanga has a small but fun selection of tops and dresses for junior customers. Due to being light, feminine and cute, the girly junior customer will love their designs. Think lots of graphic tops featuring scripted slogans and sequin detailing. Labanga participates in our image download and order consolidation programs.

Renee C

apparel-for-women-wholesale Renee C is a place to find unique, on-trend pieces across the categories of dresses, tops, sweaters, cardigans and bottoms. These items offer all different silhouettes and prints, keeping the Renee C selection constantly fresh and interesting. Renee C participates in our image download and order consolidation programs.

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