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Sexy Cocktail Dresses From Our Exclusive Members

This December as we bring you our Exclusive Members post for the month, we wanted to focus on our LA Showroom manufacturers who offer sexy cocktail dresses. After all, this is the season where party dresses and evening attire is sold more frequently. What better way to shop for your store than with members who have a devoted loyalty to LA Showroom? Let us take a deeper look into Everlush, Free Culture, Frida LA and GG Glamour.



Everlush has only been with LA Showroom for a couple of months, but in this time, they have become a great go-to for anyone seeking wholesale evening attire and skin-showing dresses. The entirety of their selection is all fitted bodycons with various cutouts and other exciting details. Everlush participates in our image download, order consolidation and buyer rewards programs.

Free Culture


Of all this month’s exclusive members, Free Culture has a more diverse selection than just sexy cocktail dresses, though they definitely do carry some. In addition to these junior dresses, they offer pants, tops, shots, jackets and a plus size line. Geometric prints and bright colors are some of the main selling points. Free Culture participates in our image download and order consolidation programs.

Frida LA 


Frida LA is another newer exclusive member, with a selection that focuses on sexy cocktail dresses. Many of their options are longer, maxi dresses with plunging necklines. These styles feel more sophisticated because they are in muted, dark colors. Frida LA participates in our image download, order consolidation and buyer rewards programs.

GG Glamour

sexy-cocktail-dresses In addition to sexy cocktail dresses, GG Glamour also offers great clubbing tops, as well as more everyday dresses, skirts, pants, leggings, sweaters and more. Any occasion could be shopped for when purchasing at GG Glamour, who participates in our image download and buyer rewards programs.

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