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September Exclusive Members: Apparel For Women

If you are currently sourcing apparel for women, yet are not sure of which of our many vendors to turn to, allow us to introduce our September Exclusive Members to you. Between Demore, Depri, Diva Star and Ellen, there are many different types of apparel for women available. Join us as we go a little more in depth on these vendors who are only available here at LA Showroom.


apparel-for-womenDemore offers a very specific and narrow selection of apparel for women. If you are seeking wholesale party dresses, bodycon styles and other sexy silhouettes, Demore is definitely the place to come. With over 100 short dresses with various colors and design details available, there are plenty of options. Demore participates in our image download, order consolidation and buyer rewards programs, and currently is offering a special promotion of free shipping on orders over $300.



Moving on to our supplier of apparel for women Depri, we find a little more of a diverse selection offered. Tops, dresses, jackets, sweaters, pants, leggings, skirts, shorts, rompers and jumpsuits are all available at Depri. This member has an average delivery rate of 99.82%, meaning you can be confident when ordering from them. Depri participates in our image download and order consolidation programs.

Diva Star

apparel-for-womenDiva Star’s contribution to the apparel for women from this month’s Exclusive Members consists solely of denim. Their jeans specialize in the push up or Colombian design realm. With a variety of different washes, there are skinny jeans for every taste. Diva Star participates in our image download program, and offers an impressive 100% delivery rate.


apparel-for-womenLike Diva Star, Ellen is also a much more specific collection of apparel for women. Rather than denim, their expertise is in gowns and formal dresses. If you are looking to outfit customers for social occasions, you will definitely want to keep the quality items from Ellen in mind. Whether it is short dresses, long dresses, Mother of the Bride attire or something else, you can find it here. Ellen participates in our image download and order consolidation programs.

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