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April’s 5 “Center Stage” Apparel Suppliers

How do you stay on top of all the different apparel suppliers we have here at LAS? Do you have certain favorite storefronts that you go to? Or, are you constantly looking to discover new ones to purchase from? In either case, we want to make sure you are always aware of all the different offerings we have. Finding plenty of the right wholesale apparel and accessory items for your store is our primary focus here at the Buyer’s Lounge.



The first of April’s Center Stage apparel suppliers is manufacturer Renjo. Here, you will find dresses, tops, shorts, leggings, jackets, jumpsuits, pants and skirts. In some of Renjo’s previous collections, you will find colorful lace blouses and tunic dresses. More recently, the collection is slightly more muted. As you can see, neutrals like black, white and navy are of primary focus. Renjo participates in our order consolidation and image download programs. Currently, they are offering free ground shipping on orders over $300.



The next of our Center Stage apparel suppliers for this month is women’s manufacturer Gibiu. Dresses and tops are what they focus on primarily; however, you can also find plenty of pants, skirts and cardigans. The aesthetic here is cute and contemporary, with lots of color blocked and striped items. Gibiu participates in our order consolidation, image download and buyer rewards programs.

Sun n Moon


If you are looking for apparel suppliers offering the most cozy, comfortable and cute selection, Sun n Moon is definitely one of them. Loose, layered knitwear, flowy dresses and soft textiles are huge areas of emphasis in their selection. While the colors here are a little softer, Sun N Moon also has bright pinks, reds, oranges and more. This member participates in our order consolidation and image download programs.



Papercrane is one of our apparel suppliers geared toward the trendy junior customer with a little bit of an attitude. She is not afraid to rock a crop sweater top or graphic T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “wild.” Yet at the same time, the styles are not overly revealing or excessively edgy. A balance of lace and pink help maintain the femininity. Papercrane participates in our order consolidation and image download programs, and can regularly be found at wholesale fashion trade shows.



Rounding out April’s Center Stage apparel suppliers we have Lovposh. Think high quality garments with a boho chic flair when you think of Lovposh. Their tops, dresses, sweaters, jackets, skirts, pants and jumpsuits feature lots of embroidery, floral prints and loose silhouettes. Lovposh participates in our order consolidation and image download programs.

Stay tuned for our continuing coverage of all the different apparel suppliers that are part of our platform!

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