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Our Best Wholesale Clothing Prices

Is your store feeling the effects of slow summer sales? Sometimes, consumers can be more focused on travel, leisure and tourism for their spending, rather than purchasing clothing. If you are looking to update your store’s merchandise selection for a low price, know that the LA Showroom sale page has the best wholesale clothing prices you can find. Lowering your inventory cost will help balance your budget, but you can still get amazing summer styles to catch your customers’ eyes.

Summer is a great time to shop our best wholesale clothing prices found in our sale section. This is because our manufacturers and distributors are looking ahead to the fall. For this season, they will be bringing in huge amounts of merchandise. In order to make room for these styles, they first have to clear out surplus stock, summer styles and older pieces, of which there is currently plenty.

By plenty, we mean over 28,000. Yes, we have the best wholesale prices on thousands and thousands of styles. You can browse these items by clicking here. You will notice the left side bar has a listing of the different stores currently offering these best wholesale clothing prices. If you have a go-to list of vendors, you can narrow the thousands by checking in on their selection first.

Not sure which vendor best suits your store? You can always type a vendor’s name into the Buyer’s Lounge search bar. As we go about our daily reporting, we are working hard to introduce you to the key characteristics of each store front. By doing a little research on the vendors offering sale merchandise, you can find not only the best wholesale clothing prices, but the best fashions for your store.

1. Lemon Tree Dress      2. Weprix Shoes      3. Sole Mio Dress      4. Moa USA Skirt      5. Leyvas Blouse      6. Very J Dress      7. Verty Dress      8. EFashionsales Dress      9. A&D Intl Shoes      10. SJK Fashion Set      11. K Too Dress      12. Truelight Skirt      13. Naked Zebra Blouse      14. IDI Dress      15. Avital Blouse       16. XT Romper

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