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Center Stage: Wholesale Clothes For Juniors

This July, we are bringing to our “Center Stage” five different wholesalers who offer clothes for juniors. With back to school coming just around the corner (do not worry – we are not going to actually go there yet), it is a good idea to start putting some different vendors of clothes for juniors on the map. Meet Kimberly C, TCD, The Classic, Vivace and YoYo5.

Kimberly C



Kimberly C offers a unique combination of both accessories and clothes for juniors. The accessory selection focuses primarily on hair items such as head bands, clips and bows. In terms of apparel, pants and leggings are what they feature most, with jumpsuits, tops and cardigans all being present as well. Kimberly C is not a vendor that can be found anywhere else. They participate in our image download program.




TCD not only offers wholesale clothes for juniors, but for men and children as well as their women’s selection. The items you will find are a good mix of basic and fashionable. As you can see, basic silhouettes such as T-Shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts are present, but with trendy flairs from the graphic designs. TCD participates in our order consolidation, image download and online payment programs.

The Classic 



The Classic is our neighbor here in the downtown Los Angeles fashion district. This member definitely focuses on wholesale clothes for juniors, as seen in their trendy graphic tops above. From tanks to short sleeves to long sleeves, there are a variety of different slogans and graphics your customer will love. The Classic also offers many denim shorts, and even a few options for younger girls as well. They participate in our order consolidation, image download and buyer rewards programs.




If tops are the type of clothes for juniors you are seeking, Vivace is the place to go. They specalize in blouses. Rather than like some of the vendors above who feature mostly graphic tops, Vivace tends to have more boutique tops and blouse styles. Each has its own fun color or pattern along with different design details. Vivace participates in our image download program.


clothes-for-juniorsThe youth of the clothes for juniors that YoYo5 offers is definitely channeled with their choice of models, who capture the spirit of the brand perfectly. Tops, dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits and more all are perfect for today’s youth. These colorful, high quality items will be well-received. YoYo5 participates in our order consolidation and image download programs.


2 Discussions on
“Center Stage: Wholesale Clothes For Juniors”
  • My name is Yamila and I run a small boutique store in front of Buckley’s Drug Store in Englewood, NJ. I am changing the concept of my boutique and I admire your designs and concepts and would like to feature your designs in my store. I would like to know more about your company and more about what I would have to do to become a frequent wholesale customer and to be able to feature your designs in my boutique. Thank you so much for your time and I will be looking forward to your response.

    Yamila Sierra
    Mardo’s Gifts @ Buckley’s Drug Store
    35 E Palisade Ave
    Englewood, NJ 07631
    Phone: 201-569-1345
    Fax: 800-270-3097

    • Hi there Yamila,

      We are glad you are a fan of our designs. We are a marketplace that represents hundreds of different lines to retail buyers. In order to become a registered buyer with us, all we need is for you to fill out our registration form, which can be found here: If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 213-627-0339.

      LA Showroom

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